Troye Sivan drops spacey love song ‘Animal’

Australian Singer-songwriter and actor Troye Sivan has released a new song called “Animal” – a slow-paced, spacey, love song.

Sivan dropped his latest track on Thursday (August 9).

The sparse-sounding track includes lyrics like: “I want you all to myself, don’t leave none for nobody else,” and: “I am an animal with you, no angels could beckon me back.”

In a March interview with i-D, Sivan explained the thought process behind the song.

“The perfect pop song is 3:30, but I wanted to break out of that,” he said.

“So we started on piano and had this lyric ‘I want you all to myself/ Don’t leave none for nobody else / I am an animal with you,’ and worked our way outwards, slowly but surely adding little pieces to turn it into this epic profession of love.”

New song “Animal” is Sivan’s fifth single to be released from his upcoming second album Bloom, which will be out on August 31.

Other singles include “Bloom,” which he has said is about being on the receiving end of gay sex, and “Dance To This,” featuring Ariana Grande.

On Wednesday, Sivan responded to his fans thanking him for coming out five years ago.

South African-born Sivan came out publicly in a YouTube video he posted in August 2013.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (August 8), he wrote: “Woke up this morning to all of your #thankyoutroye tweets and the news that today is 5 years since i came out online!!!! Warmed my heart. I’m the luckiest in the world to have you all. Thanks for a crazy journey so far ❤️❤️.”

The post has been re-tweeted more than 3,000 times, and “liked” by more than 24,000 users.

One Twitter user responding to Sivan’s tweet, wrote: “We are so proud of you! Thank you so much for all that you do x.”


Another exclaimed: “Well its what you deserve !!! cant imagine my life without an out and proud role model like you. you make my heart swell [sic].”

And one person said: “i remember the day that video came out, it gave me so much hope that i could come out one day!! you’ve inspired everyday since then too [sic].”


Sivan (right) recently released a new video with Ariana Grande for their song ‘Dance To This.’ (Troye Sivan/YouTube)

Sivan recently dropped a music video for single “Dance To This,” which shows him dancing around with Grande.

He said influences for the video included Cher, High School Musical and Grease.

“The DTT vid was inspired literally by High School Musical and Grease and Pass This On by the Knife and a gif of Cher spinning around that i cant find rn [sic],” Sivan wrote on Twitter.