Troye Sivan’s brother clarifies sexuality with Charli XCX quote: ‘Happy I’m giving you bi vibes’

Composite image, left shows Tyde Levi smiling, leaning forward shirtless, the other shows him in a black t-shirt - both are screenshots from TikTok

Troye Sivan’s brother Tyde Levi has “clarified” his sexuality using a Charli XCX reference, following online speculation.

While gay pop prince Troye Sivan may be hogging the limelight with hot performances of poppers anthem “Rush” and a joint tour with Charli XCX, his younger brother also seems to be catching the attention of fans.

It all started when Tyde, who is also a singer, posted a video on TikTok in which he raided Troye’s closet while his brother was away touring.

“Troye, I love you, but the best part about you going away is that I get a new wardrobe,” he said.

Rumour and speculation about Tyde’s own sexuality began to swirl when the TikTok was posted to X/Twitter.

Tyde then quote-tweeted the video, with the caption: “This tweet going viral and everyone in the comments asking if I’m [gay].”

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Following up the tweet, Tyde clarified his sexuality – or didn’t – by using the Charli XCX moment. Using the script from a video in which the Brat singer answered whether she was bisexual, Tyde said: “Are you bi? It’s giving bi vibes? I’m actually not bi, but I’m really happy I’m giving you bi vibes because that would be cool. So… sorry if I let you down. But I’m not bi.”

Fans have praised Tyde’s tongue-in-cheek reply to the speculation, with one fan writing: “OK, with the references,” and another saying: “This Charli reference, I love this.”

Someone else said: “Gay rumours [check], a brat [check] likes women [check]…”

Tyde hasn’t ever publicly discussed his sexuality. Well, not seriously, anyway.

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