Courtney Act’s Christmas TV special is coming and we just can’t wait

Courtney Act has revealed she is working on her own variety TV show.

The drag star caught up with PinkNews on Wednesday, after serving as an auctioneer at the PinkNews Awards in London.

She teased the new upcoming project, which is set to debut this Christmas.

Courtney Act (Paul Grace)

The RuPaul’s Drag Race alum said: “I’ve got my variety show, The Courtney Act Show, on Channel 4. It’s a Christmas special, it’s very exciting. We’ve started working on it [recently].

“We had creative meetings yesterday with the creative directors, the Square Division, who did Katy Perry’s world tour and Britney’s Vegas concert. It’s going to be epic!

“There’s going to be musical numbers, and dancers, and glamour, and lots of fun.”

First up, though, is the drag star’s new reality dating series The Bi Life, which is breaking ground in depictions of bisexuality in a genre defined by heteronormativity.

Courtney explained: “I am very excited because on October 25, my new show called The Bi Life comes out on E!, where we took a group of bisexual and questioning singletons, put them in a house and set them loose.

“It’s a dating adventure, it’s kind of like Dawson’s Creek but in Barcelona and all sweet and cute, and I’m really looking forward to everyone seeing it, and giving visibility to the bi+ community, who make up the largest percentage of the LGBT+ community but are often the least visible.”

Courtney Act (Paul Grace)

The Australian drag artist and singer has become one of the most successful former Drag Race contestants, despite a rumoured falling-out with RuPaul.

Courtney Act won the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother in February 2018, seeing off competition from anti-LGBT politician Ann Widdecombe. She received congratulations from across the drag community, with the apparent exception of RuPaul.

In 2016, the gender-fluid star weighed in on criticism of Drag Race catch phrase “You’ve got she-mail,” prompting RuPaul to block her on Twitter.

She also joined criticism of RuPaul in March this year, when the Drag Race host came under fire for suggesting transgender women and drag kings should not be able to compete on Drag Race.

Speaking to Gay Times, Act said: “There’s a controversy going on at the moment because RuPaul has drawn a line in the sand saying that a trans woman at a certain point of her transition is not welcome to compete in Drag Race.

“Ru as a cis man having conversations about, and rule over, women’s bodies is alarmingly in line with the current swing of conservative politics.

“Also the public erasure of trans women from the history of drag and then the irony of Ru, a male, telling women, cis and trans, they can’t do drag because it’s not as big of a f**k you to a male dominated world. Very controversial.”