Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire announce engagement

Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire engaged

Trans singer Teddy Geiger has announced that she is engaged to Schitt’s Creek actor Emily Hampshire in a series of emotional posts on Instagram.

In her first post, Geiger posted a photo of herself and Hampshire, saying: “I love this woman so much she treats me like a lil princess and makes me laugh harder than anyone.

Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire engaged

Teddy Geiger (Instagram)

“I am so f***ing happy to wake up next to her every morning and fall asleep next to her every night and take care of our lil B.B. stumbs together.”

Geiger then teased fans by ending the post with: “Which is why…”


Geiger followed up with a photo of herself with the caption: Which is why… When she asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together I said… YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES INFINITE YES.”

In a final post, Geiger provided fans with a close-up photo of herself with her hand over her mouth, showing her new engagement ring.

Geiger’s fiancé, Emily Hampshire, also announced the news on her own Instagram, captioning it with #shesaidyes.

“My millennial girlfriend is now my millennial fiancé and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” she added.

Geiger and Hampshire have reportedly been dating for over a year, however they only made the relationship public in August.

In an Instagram post at the time, Geiger posted a photo of Hampshire, saying: “I am so happy this woman is alive… with the sound of music. She is a song I will sing for a thousand years.

“She fills my heart with the sound of music. My heart wants to sing every song it hears.”

Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire get engaged

Teddy Geiger (Instagram)

‘I’d never met a trans person before’ – Teddy Geiger

Teddy Geiger has been active in the music industry for over a decade, and first appeared on VH1’s 2004 reality series In Search of the Partridge Family and also was the opening act for Hilary Duff’s tour in 2005.

Geiger’s first single, “For You I will (Confidence)” was later released in February 2006.

Later, Geiger became known as a songwriter and record producer, and has written songs for Shawn Mendes, One Direction, Maroon 5, James Blunt and Tiesto.

Last October, Geiger revealed in a Q&A on Instagram that she was trans.

“I  started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it’s given me the courage to start the process,” she said.

Speaking to the New York Times in July, Geiger said that she can remember being five years old and feeling like a girl.

“But growing up in Rochester, there were limited resources. I’d never met a trans person before,” she said.

In May, singer Shawn Mendes voiced support for his long-term collaborator and songwriter Geiger, saying people should “live how they want to live.”

Teddy Geiger (L) and Shawn Mendes (R) have released a cover of Queen’s “Under Pressure” (Michael Loccisano/Getty; Jamie McCarthy/Getty)

Mendes was speaking to Billboard about how straight men can support the LGBTQ+ community.

“Just open your eyes and open your mind,” he said, “because, for me, going through one of my closest friends [Geiger] going through a very big transition period in her life, was incredible to watch.”