Andy Cohen says he and Anderson Cooper are ‘eskimo brothers’

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper at Sirius Radio.

US talk show host Andy Cohen has said that he and CNN journalist Anderson Cooper are “eskimo brothers” in a segment on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Cohen made the remark while being quizzed by model Cynthia Bailey in a segment called “One, Two, AC!.”

Anderson Cooper also appeared on the segment, and the pair were asked questions to see how well they know each other.

However, the show took an unexpected turn when Bailey asked the pair to name one thing about the two of them that most people wouldn’t know.

Cohen immediately responded: “That we’re eskimo brothers.”

Andy Cohen: ‘We’re eskimo brothers’

Cooper laughed and looked shocked in response, and said: “What?” and added: “I don’t even know if that’s true.”

When Bailey asked what the term meant, Cohen said she would have to look it up on Urban Dictionary as he wasn’t allowed to say it on television.

According to Urban Dictionary, the term “eskimo brothers” refers to men who have shared the same sexual partner.

However, the Urban Dictionary definition refers to men who have slept with the same woman – which is unlikely to be the context Cohen meant it in, as both men are openly gay.

While “eskimo brothers” is a popular slang term, there has been debate about whether or not it should be used.

A 2015 Bustle article claims that the term “eskimo” itself is offensive as it is a blanket term to refer to all Inuit and Yupik people.

The same article also suggests that the term strips women “of their agency, reducing them to the glue that holds two dudes together.”

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When Cooper said he didn’t know if they were “eskimo brothers,” Cohen reiterated they are, and said they found out “a few weeks ago.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the segment, when both men were asked which of them had watched porn more recently, both readily agreed that Cohen was the most likely answer.

Andy Cohen: The first openly gay late-night talk show host

Andy Cohen, who is the first openly gay host of an American late-night talk show, revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in April that he keeps getting banned from Grindr.

“I keep getting kicked off of because they think I’m impersonating ‘Andy Cohen’.”

– Andy Cohen

“I’m on Tinder,” he said. “There is a gay dating app that I’m on – cough… Grindr… cough – that I keep getting kicked off of because they think I’m impersonating ‘Andy Cohen’, and they’re like, ‘Your photos don’t meet our guidelines,’ and I keep trying to [say]: ‘No! It is me!’”

Last year, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper also revealed that they met on an awkward blind date.

Apparently, mutual friends thought they would be a good match and set them up.

However, while they never went became romantically involved, they have remained good friends. They even holidayed together in 2017.

Anderson Cooper: Split from long-term boyfriend

Anderson Cooper also revealed last March that he had also split from his long-term boyfriend Benjamin Maisani.

In a statement that was released to People, he said that they were still friends.

“We are still family to each other, and love each other very much.”

– Anderson Cooper

“Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and love each other very much.

“We remain the best of friends, and will continue to share much of our lives together.”

The pair had been together for nine years.