Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt comes out publicly in emotional music video

Ben Platt with Charlie Carver in his "Ease My Mind" music video

Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt has come out publicly, releasing a moving music video featuring a same-sex romance.

The Pitch Perfect actor opened up about his sexuality to People magazine ahead of the release of his debut solo album, Sing to Me Instead.

The music video for love song “Ease My Mind,” released on Thursday (February 14), stars Platt and out Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver as a gay couple.

Ben Platt: ‘I’ve been out since I was 12’

Platt told People that the record is “a roller coaster of a relationship that is an amalgam of the ones I’ve had.”

He added that the deeply personal album is his “first opportunity to represent my relationships and the men that I’ve loved.”

The Tony-winning musical star added: “I’ve been out since I was 12 years old to my family and anyone in my life.

“I’ve never sort of hidden that or been ashamed by it. It’s just part of me.”

Platt added: “This video is very special to me. Thank you to Nick Lieberman for directing it so beautifully and to Charlie Carver for your talent and generosity.”

The emotional black-and-white music video shows Platt and Carver as an everyday couple moving through their relationship.

Fans praise ‘beautiful’ Ben Platt coming out music video

The pair are shown dancing and passionately kissing in the clip, which is getting a lot of love online.

One fan wrote: “Honestly, this is the most beautiful way to come out. Also, the music is just perfect, and it’s so wonderful with the clip.. I’m proud of him.”

Another added: “THIS is good portrayal of being LGBTQ+ in the media.

“You wouldn’t know unless you saw the video to this and even then they don’t make it seem like a huge deal, just two people who are in love and break up.

“The world needs more of this. ❤️❤️❤️ ”

Ben Platt kisses Charlie Carver in his "Ease My Mind" music video

Ben Platt kisses Charlie Carver in his “Ease My Mind” music video.

Platt’s music video co-star Charlie Carver, who also starred on Desperate Housewives, came out as gay in 2016.

“If I came out, I feared I would be limiting myself to a type, to a perception with limits that I was not professionally comfortable with,” Carver wrote in an Instagram post a the time.

“And I created in my imagination an Industry that was just as rigid in this belief as well.”

The star went on to say he is “forever grateful” to those in Hollywood who helped him realise he did not need to stay in the closet.

Carver, who frequently acts alongside identical twin Max Carver, added: “Let the record show my twin brother is just as cool for being straight.”