Georgia teachers handed two-day suspension for mocking boy’s sexuality

Georgia school: File photo of a classroom.

A Georgia mother is calling for two teachers to be sacked, after they mocked her 14-year-old son’s sexuality.

Jean Mott, whose son attends Shiloh Middle School in Atlanta, spoke out after teachers mocked the boy in front of his entire class.

Speaking to WSB, she explained that after her son missed a couple days of school, a teacher told him in class: “Your boyfriend was cheating on you while you were away. Oh, you two make a really good couple.”

Mott says her son came home in tears after the incident, and told her that he was being bullied by students and teachers at the school.

On another occasion, when her son was pushed by another student, one of the teachers told him: “How many times do I have to watch you chasing boys?”

Georgia mother hits out at light punishment for teacher

The mother said: “Help me understand why, as an adult, you would do this to a child? Why would you bully my child, or any child?”

After she complained to the school, two teachers admitted to “joking” about her son having a boyfriend.

The two teachers, named by WSB as Donald Holmes and India Cornelius, were each suspended by the school for two days.

However, Mott says the action taken is not enough, and has questioned why they the punishment was so light.

She said: “I cannot allow these teachers to go out and do this to anybody’s else’s child.

“They initiated the bullying. As a result, my son has been bullied by his peers and it’s something he’ll never live down.”

Georgia school: Teachers’ comments were inappropriate

In a statement, the school said: “Both investigations found that the teachers’ comments were inappropriate.

“As a result, disciplinary action was taken against both teachers.”

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission is also investigating the incident.

Georgia school: Photo of person with their face hidden by books

A school student (File photo)

It is not the only anti-LGBT incident at a Georgia school in recent weeks.

A transgender student in nearby Gainesville spoke out on March 22 after he was allegedly removed from his school’s “prom king” ballot.

Dex Frier, who transitioned during his sophomore year at Johnson High School, was one of six boys at his school to be nominated as prom king, but was allegedly pulled from the ballot after Hall County Schools superintendent Will Schofield intervened.

Frier alleges that he was told to run for prom queen because he is not “legally male.”

The school ultimately decided to crown Frier “Royal Knight” instead of either gendered title.