Halsey barely sings in BTS track ‘Boy With Luv,’ and fans are mad

The music video for "Boy With Luv," a song by BTS and Halsey.

Halsey fans are upset that she barely sings during the music video for her collaboration with BTS, “Boy With Luv.”

Many of the queer music lovers who were delighted to find out Halsey would feature in the South Korean band’s new song were crushed on Friday (April 12) when the video came out.

After a brief appearance in the first shot, the bisexual American singer only shows up again two-and-a-half minutes later—more than halfway through the track.

Watch Halsey and BTS collaboration “Boy With Luv”

When she does show up, Halsey dances with BTS and joins in with a couple of lines like “Oh my my my”—but has no solo.

Fans complain that Halsey barely sang in BTS collaboration

Many people had issues with Halsey’s lack of screentime and lines in the music video for “Boy With Luv.”

One of these fans tweeted: “HALSEY DID NOT SING THEY CLOWN US ALL.”


“I listened to boy with luv and,,, halsey legit has no lines wtf,,, all she sings is back up and oh mymymymy.”

— @gremlinelsfi

A different user said: “I listened to boy with luv and,,, halsey legit has no lines wtf,,, all she sings is back up and oh mymymymy.”

Another person tweeted: “can someone explain me what exactly was halsey’s part in the song,” while a different commenter asked: “what was halsey for? .”

This was a common sentiment, with one person commenting: “I checked out the new song by BTS and it made me wonder, what’s the point of that feat if they don’t even give Halsey a proper standalone part?”

Others felt bad for Halsey, like the user who tweeted: “The song issa bop !! But @halsey sweetie I’m so sorry they only let you sing 4 words the entire song. #PERSONAWelcomeParty.”

Halsey looks to camera during the music video for "Boys With Luv" with BTS.

Fans praised Halsey’s parts in “Boys With Luv,” but they were limited. (ibighit/youtube)

Another person wrote: “They really got Halsey to only sing oh ma ma my…” while a different tweeter said: “What the hell halsey didn’t even say anything.”

The music video, which went live at 10am on Friday (April 12), has already amassed more than two million views on YouTube.

BTS fans think Map of the Soul: Persona tracklist reveals pro-LGBT+ message

Many BTS followers think that the Map of the Soul: Persona album tracklist, revealed on Monday (April 8), includes a song named after the bisexual, genderqueer Greek god Dionysus.

One such fan wrote: “We got Dionysus in the tracklist and he’s a Greek god.

“Ancient Greece was open abt homosexuality, there’s a bi flag in the intro and also they have Halsey on their title track. In short, BTS GAYS.”

Another said: “dionysus is the patron of the gays.,., bts’ color for this era is the same color as the bi flag.,., they collabed with halsey., a bisexual icon,,. my point is.,., this one goes for the gays.., the gay pride wins this time,.. omG.”