Billy Porter: I still haven’t met Taylor Swift

Billy Porter, wearing a dress and sat in a throne, speaks exclusively to PinkNews

Pose star Billy Porter, who is headlining the main stage at this weekend’s Pride in London, says he still hasn’t met Taylor Swift in person—despite appearing in her new music video.

The Broadway veteran is one of many LGBT+ stars to cameo in the video for Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down”—an anthem in support of the LGBT+ community.

But Porter tells PinkNews that he wasn’t on set with Swift, nor has he met her. At least not yet.

“I wasn’t at that shoot. I was on a green screen on a Saturday afternoon for 20 minutes, in a studio in Brooklyn. I didn’t get to have all that fun,” Porter tells PinkNews.

“I have still not met her. I’ve spoken to her on the phone, but I’ve not met her. The magic of showbusiness!”

The “You Need to Calm Down” video also features appearances from RuPaul, Ellen DeGeneres, the cast of Queer Eye and many more LGBT+ stars.

Porter is full of praise for Swift, who has used her sizeable celebrity platform to speak out for LGBT+ equality in recent months.

“She’s intentionally using her powers for good and she wanted to surround herself with the right people for her message and she thought I was one of those people. So, I’m really thrilled to be counted in that world,” says Porter.

Billy Porter backs Lil Nas X over homophobic abuse

Porter also has a message of solidarity for Lil Nas X, the rapper who has faced homophobic abuse on Twitter after confirming he is gay.

Speaking directly to those abusing Lil Nas X, Porter says: “Deal with it. We’re not going anywhere. We’re here. Respect me as a human being. You don’t have to like it.

Porter added that he will continue to be gender-non-conforming despite the “vitriol” backlash he has also received.

Billy Porter is ready to rock Pride in London

On Saturday (July 6), Pose star Porter will headline the Pride in London main stage in Trafalgar Square and the performer says he loves the British capital.

“London is one of my favourite cities,” says Porter. “I always joke that I was a high and mighty white woman in a different life. I was that 15, 16 year old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who was at the Merchant Ivory movies by myself because I couldn’t get no one from my family to go.

“I’ve had love for London, for England, for the English, for a very long time … and you’ll see my inner-high and mighty white woman tomorrow.”

Billy Porter performs at Pride in London on Saturday (July 6)