Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ is now a lesbian anthem

Elsa from Frozen

Frozen song “Let It Go” is now a lesbian anthem, after getting a makeover by lesbian drag queen Miss Disney.

The drag queen has rewritten an unofficial gay version of the iconic Disney song, changing the lyrics from “Let it go! Let it go!” to: “I am gay! I am gay!”

She also adapts the lyrics to include the lines: “I am gay! I am gay! I really hope that’s OK.

“I am gay! I am gay! There’s really not much more to say.

“Here I’ll stand and here I’ll stay.”

Watch the video below to see Miss Disney sing her lesbian version of Frozen’s “Let It Go”:

Maria Gardner AKA Miss Disney is femme lesbian and female drag queen, who turns “Disney princesses and Disney characters into queer icons.”

Gardner colourfully impersonates the characters, performing classic Disney songs that she reworks as coming out tunes and queer anthems inspired by her own life and coming out journey.

On fans’ speculation that Frozen character Elsa is a lesbian, the female drag queen said: “For Elsa to actually have feelings for other girls rather than guys would be such an incredible step for Disney.”

Disney’s queer representation is “not there yet”

Talking to PinkNews, Miss Disney admitted that: “Disney doesn’t really have that much representation of LGBTQ+ people, as of yet. They’re getting there, but they’re not there yet.

“Although there wasn’t any representation or someone, you know, coming out of the scene as an animation going: ‘You’re like me.’ It was more, like, I fancied some of the characters.”

She added that Disney helped her through a very hard time in her life when she felt “very lost.”

“Because I lost my childhood too early, Disney is something that can really actually heal me and drag kind of came into my life at a time when I was just very lost.”

Miss Disney at Portland Pride. (themissdisney/ Instagram)

The drag queen is using Disney’s music to raises awareness of issues concerning the LGBT+ community.

“I have started to explore recently about changing the songs to have more of a message behind them.

“I’ve called one the ‘Femme Lesbian’ song, which is about when a guy will chat you up, you tell them you’re gay and they still won’t take no as an answer,” she explained.

Female drag queens are valid

Gardner also spoke about being a female drag queen and the role that drag has had in her life.

Drag is a form of expression, it doesn’t specify to any gender.

She explained: “Drag, for me, got me out of a difficult relationship, an emotionally abusive one.

“The two came together and it gave me a sense of purpose again and a sense of empowerment.”

“You know, a lot of the time, people just have a kind of focused view on the fact that drag is just specified to one gender so I normally just say: ‘You know what, my drag is basically the same as a male drag queen, I just have a vagina, that’s the only difference.’

“Drag is a form of expression, it doesn’t specify to any gender.”