6 tips to help you choose a good riding lawn mower

Lawn-king 60RD 60cm/24in Cut Ride on Lawn mower

Owning property is a great joy for many people, but soon after the purchase, you will realise that maintaining the property is not an easy task.

One of the most stressful parts to maintain is the lawn. No one likes to live in a place with overgrown grass, and that is why you will need to invest in a lawn mower.

If you have never purchased a lawn mower before, you may find the buying process stressful and could easily end up buying the wrong product.

In this guide, we will offer you some essential tips to help you find a product that will suit your needs.

1. Match the Size of the Mower with Your Lawn

Riding lawn mowers come in a wide range of sizes.

The smallest ones are the compact mowers which have decks as small as 30 inches wide, and the largest ones are the yard tractors with decks as large as 50 inches wide.

Before choosing a riding lawn mower, you should check the size of your lawn.

It would be easier to work with a big machine if you have a big lawn.

Also, you need to check the obstructions on your lawn. If you have many trees and bushes, be sure to buy a lawnmower that can easily manoeuvre through these obstructions.

2. Check the Condition of Your Lawn

Your property could be flat or it could be sloping. If you have an even lawn, you should feel free to purchase any mower that meets your other needs.

But if you have a sloping lawn, you will have to be a lot more careful with your purchase.

Your mower should have a low centre of gravity, a wide stance, and great traction. The traction of your mower will especially be important if the slope on your lawn is noticeably steep.

3. Select the Best Transmission Type

With the advancement in technology, property owners can now choose gear-driven, automatic, or hydrostatic mowers.

Your choice will be determined by the state of your land, your level of experience with riding mowers, and the frequency of mowing.

For example, people who need to mow their lawns frequently will not appreciate the heavy nature of manual transmissions and would be better off with automatic mowers.

Each type has its own pros and cons which you should investigate before making your purchase.

4. Check the Accessories

Lawn mowers come with accessories that can make your work a lot easier.

Some are sold with attached trailers with which you can haul the debris from your lawn.

Others come with spreaders which can help you seed or fertilise your land. You should find out which accessories are available and decide on the most important ones.

5. Choose between Gas and Electric Mowers

Electric mowers are generally better for the environment as they cause less pollution compared to gas mowers. Also, if you find noise from machines irritating, you would be better off going with the electric models.

They are very quiet when in operation. There is also a big difference in the maintenance of these two models.

Gas mowers will have to be cleaned thoroughly every now and then, and you also need to refill them when they run empty.

Electric ones just need to be wiped in the underside after every mowing job.

6. The Price

With a large selection of lawn mowers, prices can be great indicators of quality. Granted, this system is not perfect as some are simply overpriced.

But you will find that on the lower end of the spectrum, paying a little more for your mower will give you a much better product. On the higher end, there may be very little improvement in the products themselves.

Also, the price will be determined by the transmission type you select. Besides the upfront costs, make sure you factor in the cost of maintaining the mowers.

For electric modes, check how often the batteries will need to be replaced, and for gas models, you should consider the cost of cleaning, blade sharpening, oil changes, and refilling the mowers.


Before you set out to purchase your riding lawn mower, make sure you know which size you want, the transmission type that will suit you, the key accessories you need, and the type of mower that you want.

Also, be sure to check the price of the mower.