This revolutionary new tampon will help you test for STIs at home

This revolutionary new tampon will help you test for STIs at home

A revolutionary new tampon is helping people test for STIs at home.

Daye, the female-founded gynaecological start-up is offering a world-first ‘diagnostic’ tampon that allows you to screen for sexually transmitted infections from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have multiple partners or you’re in a monogamous relationship, getting tested regularly for STIs is a necessary practice.

No matter how you identify, it’s understandable that you might be reluctant to test – let’s face it, nobody enjoys going to the GP for a cervical screening.

But unfortunately, neglecting your sexual wellness now can lead to trickier reproductive or health issues later down the track. That’s where Daye comes in.

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The UK-based gynaecological start-up has already made waves as the leading destination in menstrual, vaginal, and hormonal health in the UK.

In 2022, it launched its revolutionary ‘diagnostic tampon‘, an at-home vaginal microbiome screening test that can detect infections.

The innovative test can detect anything from thrush or BV to fertility implications and other health complications downstairs. 

Now, the brand has introduced another non-invasive DIY kit you can use to check for STI symptoms at home, at any time.  

To learn more about Daye’s new offering and how to test STIs at home with their revolutinary tampon, read on.

What is Daye’s STI screening test and how does it work?

Daye screening kit.
There’s two screening kit options available.

The STI Screening Kit comes in two options, with your standard kit valued at £99, or the STI + Microbiome Screening Kit for £129. The Microbiome Screening Kit can also detect BV pathogens, thrush and lactobacilli.

Unlike those invasive swabs you’d encounter in your GP or gynaecologist’s office, the STI Screening Kit is inserted just like your run-of-the-mill tampon – that is, with minimal pain and discomfort.

Once in, the diagnostic tampon will collect more vaginal fluid than your standard swab, allowing it to capture only the most comprehensive results as you go about your day.

And thanks to its polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, the results are more accurate, create fewer false positives, and help you stand a better chance of getting treated sooner, rather than later.

What’s even better is that you no longer have to sneak out of work or book a doctor’s appointment. Once you’ve captured your results, you simply need to send back your sample to one of Daye’s partner labs and wait for them to get in touch with your results and, if needed, your treatment plan.

How to complete your screening at home

Daye app.
You can do it all through the Daye app.

To begin, head to and order your STI screening kit. 

Once your kit has arrived at your home, you’ll need to make sure that it’s been at least five days since your last period ended and that you haven’t taken any antibiotics or antifungals in the last 30 days. You’ll also need to ensure you haven’t had any penetrative vaginal sex or used any vaginal meds, creams, douches or gel in the last 24 hours and that you’ve activated the kit using your own account using the Daye app.

Take care when opening the kit as you’ll need to keep the box for dropping off your sample later, and be sure to wash your hands before handling the sterile tampon.

Insert the tampon as you normally would and leave it in for as little as 20 minutes, but no longer than eight hours.

Once the time is up, simply prepare your sample by tearing off the seal on the blue sterile pouch it came with. Remove the tampon using the string and avoid touching it with your hands. 

Place it inside the blue pouch, then unscrew the cap of a vial and empty its contents into the bag with your sample. Once done, seal the pouch and place it inside the other see-through pouch from the kit. 

Return the pouch to the box and seal it shut. Next, follow the shipping instructions, so you can return your sample and have it examined – and that’s it

In five to ten days, you’ll receive your results in-app, which is faster than waiting to hear back from an in-person screening. Once you’ve viewed your results, you can discreetly discuss any treatment plans with Daye’s nurses, doctors and specialists. 

Get started with your at-home screening test at

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