Did Drag Race UK just serve us the best episode yet? The internet sure thinks so

Drag Race UK queens Blu Hydrangea, Divina De Campo and Baga Chipz dressed as the Frock Destroyers

Drag Race UK gave us drama, emotion, poetry, and the super-group we’ve all been waiting for, the Frock Destroyers.

After the heady heights of the Snatch Game, it seemed inevitable that this week’s Drag Race UK would strike a somewhat quieter tone. How wrong we were.

Returning to the werk room, the queens took on another legendary challenge as RuPaul declared the library officially open.

RuPaul: because reading is what?
Me: FUNDAMENTAL!!!#Dragraceuk #DragRace pic.twitter.com/bHZ7hdvJ7P

— Saunty Clause (@MsTrixXxie) November 1, 2019

Once again, the queens proved why British drag is the one to beat.

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US Drag Race reading challenge: “gurl honey you’ve got a BMW, body made wrong!”

UK Drag Race reading challenge: “OI LUV ISNT IT TIME YOU FUCKED OFF”

— AND I’M VICTORIA, MALCOLM (@yournameistyler) October 31, 2019

Best episode of #RuPaulsDragRaceUK yet! Absolutely pissing myself, that reading was hilarious! Baga Chips, more like Baga Shite ??? pic.twitter.com/RprMINh1J8

— Scott Hopper (@Scotthopper1) October 31, 2019

Having proven their literacy skills, the queens were asked to shoot their lyrical loads in the recording booth for a girl-group themed singing challenge.

[Scene: #DragRaceUK workroom, Untucked]

Vivienne [tearful]: I’m feeling really vulnerable

Crystal [suppressing sob]: I’m so worried

Cheryl Hole [misty eyed]: pic.twitter.com/I0m11ksOwB

— Draculan ?‍♂️ Cashin (@Tweet_Dec) October 31, 2019

As the winner of the mini challenge, Crystal chose The Vivienne and Cheryl Hole to be her Filth Harmony bandmates, leaving Divina De Campo, Baga Chipz Blu Hydrangea to form the Frock Destroyers.

Well tonight was fun trying to explain to mum who the Cock Destroyers are ?? #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/5e47bqSt7c

— ListerLister ?? (@ListerLister) October 31, 2019

Baga kicked things off with an touching ode to her sexuality.


— Sam Manela (@Sam_Manela_) October 31, 2019

After showing us her true colours in the Snatch Game, Blu Hydrangea kept the filth coming.

No one:@BluHydrangea_ :#DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/TGLQlRc0SL

— Dan V ?️‍? (@Dan_J_V) October 31, 2019

When @BluHydrangea_ said “despunk my balls” #RuPaulsDragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/Vu35VIcp09

— Brandon (@BrandonMcClou16) October 31, 2019

Back in the werk room, Divina got emotional as she recalled growing up under Section 28.

Very few queens on any iteration of Drag Race are as well-spoken as @Divinadecampo …listening to her talk about her experiences tonight was so emotional, but so important!#DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/t2nUcgwYom

— JMG (@monkey_teach) November 1, 2019

On the main stage, Filth Harmony struggled as The Vivienne forgot the words to her own verse.

RuPaul’s face with The Vivienne forgot the words to her own verse. pic.twitter.com/sfsrKGSlOd

— (pronounced My Kell) (@MikelleStreet) October 31, 2019

While the Frock Destroyers gave us a show to remember.

Filth Harmony watching the Frock Destroyers #RuPaulsDragRaceUK #Halloween pic.twitter.com/ODHVMoZn1P

— Dylan Conroy (@DylanEConroy) October 31, 2019

@ChipShopBird @BluHydrangea_ @Divinadecampo I would pay to come to frock destroyers gig #RuPaulsDragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/XSC3OFggmN

— Aasiyah (@xaasiyah) November 1, 2019

Guest Judge Jade Thirwall put on her own special performance.

Jade Thirlwall is the queen of compliments #DragRaceUK @LittleMix pic.twitter.com/9SPfQN5jXY

— RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (@dragraceukbbc) October 31, 2019

But ultimately the winners of the week were Divina, Baga and Blu, making herstory with Drag Race‘s first-ever triple crowning.

#DragRaceUK @dragraceukbbc Ru be like… pic.twitter.com/SJdpreLYGv

— Jon Mann (@jon_mann) October 31, 2019

With Cheryl given a pass, The Vivienne and Crystal were left to lip-sync for their lives, with the Canadian queen becoming the fifth to sashay away.

Also – she’s still that bitch.

Love you all! Goodnight! pic.twitter.com/EPgZV11GPA

— Crystal (@crystalwillseeu) November 1, 2019

All in all, it was a vintage week for Drag Race UK…

this week’s #DragRaceUK is an all-time great RPDR episode. I’ve been hedging my bets until now, but it would take the steepest drop in quality ever for this to not be a top 5 Drag Race season. it’s *that* good.

— Kevin O’Keeffe ? (@kevinpokeeffe) November 1, 2019

Every week I watch @dragraceukbbc it just gets much better ? but seriously the heartwarming moments, solidarity, politics, swearing, humour, fierceness just makes this must see TV. UK drag at its best #RuPaulsDragRaceUK #DragRaceUK #MuchBetter pic.twitter.com/fojdp6QfUy

— pink_lady51 (@pink_lady51) October 31, 2019

…and next week’s episode looks set to be every bit as iconic. Until then!

#DragRaceUK hit every note tonight. The reading, the workroom chat, runway looks, Frock Destroyers… and then that closing shot ??

Take all the BAFTAs @dragraceukbbc pic.twitter.com/X7cGqLA0mK

— Jon Holmes (@jonboy79) October 31, 2019