Charli XCX really, really wants you to vote for a party that ‘supports LGBTQ rights’ in upcoming election

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Charli XCX has urged British fans to vote for progressive pro-LGBT parties on December 12.

The ‘Boys’ singer joined a number of celebrities making their voices heard ahead of the general election.

In a Twitter post, she wrote: “Uk angels, please make sure you use your voice and vote in this months general election… make sure your voice is HEARD.”

Charli XCX: Vote for a party who support LGBTQ rights

She continued: “I don’t believe that my political stance can be summed up in a 140 character tweet/series of tweets and hate the fact that there is pressure to do so in the current, extremely complex climate.

“However I will use this moment to encourage you all, as I have done in the past, to vote for a party who support lgbtq rights and give a voice and platform to members of the community on a national scale, who support minorities, for a party who is engaging in serious conversation and action on ALL environmental issues, who will ensure funding and focus on education for ALL, who will finally resolve the absolutely ridiculous gender pay gap, who will promise to create a non hostile living and working environment for immigrants and who will establish safe and legal routes for refugees to seek asylum within our country. ”

British singer Charli XCX attends 'GQ Men Of The Year' awards 2019 at Westin Palace Hotel on November 21, 2019 in Madrid, Spain.

British singer Charli XCX attends ‘GQ Men Of The Year’ awards 2019 at Westin Palace Hotel on November 21, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Pablo Cuadra/Getty)

She added: “Your voice can make a difference to our country and the lives of all the people in it. Get out there and vote.”

PinkNews has analysed the LGBT+ rights manifesto pledges of the major parties ahead of the election.

The message comes a few days after the November 26 deadline to vote.

‘Having a vote is an incredibly powerful thing’.

Speaking to ES Magazine previously, she said: “I think it’s very important that I use my platform to encourage the younger generation to vote because having a vote is an incredibly powerful thing.

“And even though people sometimes think, ‘Oh, I might not, if I don’t vote it won’t make a difference’ — it really will.”

While many celebrities have weighed in ahead of the election, not every famous figure feels comfortable doing so.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne has declined to weigh in, telling PinkNews: “I really don’t know [who to vote for]. I’m not educated enough on that side of things to even give you an answer.”

The comments failed to impress runner-up Divina De Campo, who responded: “I think it’s very difficult to really call yourself a drag queen without having a good understanding of politics.

“All drag is politics. If you’re privileged enough to say: ‘I don’t have to worry about it,’ then I’m not sure you’re doing what needs to be done as a drag queen.”