Failed Republican politician and Christian rent-a-mouth says Trump is ‘too masculine’ for gay people

Christian rent-a-mouth radio host E.W. Jackson

Failed Republican politician E.W Jackson has said that LGBT+ people don’t like Donald Trump because he is “too masculine” for them.

According to Jackson, who unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the US Senate in 2018, Donald Trump is just “too much of a man” for the LGBT+ community, Right Wing Watch reports.

“I’m convinced that a lot of this criticism of the president also has to do with his masculinity,” Jackson said.

“He’s a man, and you know the left doesn’t like manhood.”

“I think the president, frankly, is just too much of a man for them,” he continued.

“They just don’t like manhood, and I think that’s part of the problem too – the radical feminists, the homosexuals, the trangsenders, whatever bizarre idea they have of who we’re supposed to be, they’re not putting up with men who stand tall, who stand up straight and say, ‘Look, this is who I am, this is what I believe, you can like it, or you can lump it, but there it is.'”

Failed Republican and Donald Trump supporter said Barack Obama was ‘effete’ and ‘light in the loafers’.

He proceeded to claim that Barack Obama was “effete” and “light in the loafers,” a slang term usually used to suggest a man appears gay.

“You all remember seeing that time when he was exercising, and he – oh, brother – he looked like Olive Oyl trying to lift a half-pound weight? I’m serious. It was a bizarre thing to watch. I don’t know why he allowed it to be filmed; it did not put him in a manly light,” he added.

Republican president Donald Trump doesn’t have the best track record with the LGBT+ community, and it’s nothing to do with his “masculinity”.

I’m convinced that a lot of this criticism of the president also has to do with his masculinity.

Since he became president, Donald Trump has banned trans people from serving in the military. The move is expected to have pushed thousands of trans people out of the military.

Last year, the Department of Justice, working under the Trump administration, filed a brief in the lead-up to a Supreme Court hearing on anti-LGBT+ discrimination in the workplace that claimed “sex stereotyping by itself is not a Title VII violation” – essentially saying that it’s legal to fire trans workers because of their gender identity.

The same department later filed a brief arguing that it’s legal for employers to discriminate against staff based on sexual orientation.

Jackson previously said ‘normal people’ find homosexuality ‘disgusting’.

Meanwhile, hate crimes, including those against LGBT+ people, have reached a decade high in the United States.

Trump’s administration has also allegedly drained HIV/AIDS funding to pay for child migrant detention, considered ways to legally erase trans people, and been linked to numerous anti-LGBT+ hate groups.

There is also an epidemic of murders of trans people in the United States – particularly trans women of colour – but the Trump administration remains unbothered.

But Jackson must be right – the LGBT+ community obviously doesn’t like Trump because he is just too masculine.

This is not the first time Jackson has hit out at the LGBT+ community. Late last year, he said “normal people” find homosexuality “disgusting” in a bizarre rant about gay Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg.