Lesbian daughter has an epic solution to her homophobic stepdad who doesn’t let her drive

A lesbian teen fought against her mildly homophobic stepdad and she is the new Supreme. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

After her homophobic stepdad wouldn’t let his lesbian daughter driver her car, she did what anybody would and hot-wired it and snuck it to her girlfriend’s family.

And the internet had no legal choice but to stan her.

On the r/AmITheA**hole subreddit – a wonderful corner of the internet that judges morality – user r/iytsmycarr posted Friday that she bought a car with her own money, only for her stepdad, who is a police officer, to stonewall it from her.

The 18-year-old claimed that her stepdad is “mad” at her because he doesn’t like her girlfriend; “I’m a lesbian and I don’t think he likes that much either,” she wrote.

“So, he took my keys and said that as long as I live in his house what’s mine is his.”

What happened?

She ended up hot-wiring her vehicle, which is usually parked in the back path of her family’s farmland, but when her stepdad found it missing one day, it drove him over the wall.

“He was furious, saying he had all the keys and accusing me of going through his belongings to get them.

“I said I didn’t, swore up and down I wasn’t in his home office ever. I said to go back and look if he didn’t believe me.

“He did and all the keys were there.”
Her stepdad accused her of making a copy of the car keys, which she then admitted to hot-wiring it. “It was my damn car,” she said, “and I can take it out if I need.”

Then, for reasons which definitely aren’t fuelled by homophobia, the stepdad claimed her daughter’s girlfriend is corrupting her and “teaching [her] crime s**t”.

“He said he was taking the car to the junkyard but last night I snuck it out and parked it at my girlfriend’s families house.

“They’re good people and were happy to let me park it hidden along this old logging trail in the woods out back of their property.

“My stepdad is even madder and I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong, he did. It’s my car and he can’t keep it from me or send it to the dump, that’s stealing.”

So, is she in the wrong here?

In short, the people of reddit and beyond essentially renamed the board “Am I That Awesome?” as everyone implored her for stepping up against her stepdad.