Lizzo downing Harry Styles’ wineglass of neat tequila at the Brit Awards is the energy we need

Lizzo and Harry Styles became the ultimate power couple at the Brits

While neither of them won any Brit Awards, lesbian icon Harry Styles and all-round icon Lizzo won the love of fans last night for flirting their way through the ceremony.

The moment of the night came when Harry was being interviewed by host Jack Whitehall during an interlude in the proceedings.

Jack tried some of Harry’s drink, which he then realised was straight-up neat tequila in a wine glass.

“Oh God, that’s tequila. That’s literally neat tequila. He’s gone off the rails,” Jack said, before passing the glass over to Lizzo to check the contents.

As the queen of pop steadily downed the tequila, Jack and Harry cheered her on.

Jack Whitehall joked that the three of them “could work as a little triplet”.

Lizzo then yelled: “Shut the cameras off! Shut the cameras off!”, as she proceeded to pretend to lick Jack’s face and massage his shoulders.

Earlier in the night, Jack had gone to Lizzo’s table to speak to her – and when her recent on-stage duet with Harry Styles came up in their conversation, she reached around to Harry sitting at the next table and pulled him into the interview.

This moment ended with Harry snuggling into Lizzo’s shoulder.

The flirtation between Lizzo and Harry Styles started in December 2019, when Harry covered Lizzo’s hit ‘Juice’ in the BBC Live Lounge.

“I just think she’s amazing; she’s one of the most exciting artists working now for sure. She’s exactly what you want an artist to be, which is themselves,” Harry said at the time.

Lizzo responded with one word that perfectly encapsulated how the internet felt: “*Melts*.”

Then a month later, in January 2020, Harry made a surprise on-stage appearance in Florida. Lizzo brought the Fine Line singer on stage to sing with her at her show in Miami Beach.

Wearing what can only be lovingly described as a knitted, cropped and striped sweatervest, Harry popped up to sing “If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine,” from Lizzo’s 2019 hit.

Given these momentous events plus the flirtation between the duo at the Brit Awards last night, the internet truly has no choice but to stan the pair.

At the end of the night, footage emerged of a slurring Lizzo clutching someone else’s Brit Award and saying “I really drank a whole cup of tequila out there.”

“Harry Styles’ tequila. And now I just made out with a Brit – and I’m not talking about the trophy,” the queer icon added.

Inevitably, the end result has been loud, insistent calls for a Harry Styles x Lizzo collab.