Drag Race UK star Divina de Campo reveals where her friendship is with The Vivienne after their public falling out

Divina de Campo and The Vivienne

Drag Race UK finalist Divina de Campo addressed the remarks that led The Vivienne to publicly cut ties with her.

The Vivienne said she was bored of entertaining her “fake friendship” with Divina after the runner-up suggested you had to be “cut-throat” to win Drag Race UK.

Accusing the Yorkshire-born queen of “constantly undermining” her victory, she told her to “grow up” as she had “won that show fair and square”.

In her first time addressing the falling out, Divina insisted that she had always had The Vivienne’s back, and claimed the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

“The Vivienne was the one who was gonna win,” she told the United Queendom podcast.

“I knew she was going to win, not for any other reason than she was better. She was. In terms of delivering drag, what she did in the competition was better.”

Divina de Campo says spat with The Vivienne ‘won’t matter in five years’.

When asked by podcast host Ed Dyson whether she and The Vivienne had moved on from the drama, Divina demurred.

“That’s not for me to say or not. Everything that surrounds us now is like secrets and whispers, smoke and mirrors, so people will stir the pot as much as they can, and not everything you say will be relayed.

“And I understand that because we’ve been in this game more than long enough to know so unless someone says it to your face it’s probably not true.”

With the queens scheduled to go on tour together later this year, Divina said that the pair will likely hash our any differences face to face.

“The Vivienne is nothing if not professional. If she wants to talk about it, I’m here to talk about it.

But I think it’s not that big of a deal and it will all calm down. It’ll be fine.

“We’ve known each other for a very long time. We’ve been friends for a very long time so I don’t see this as being a cataclysmic destruction of the world or anything.

“In five years time, will it matter? No it won’t.”

Is the Drag Race UK finalist headed for Strictly Come Dancing?

Later in the podcast, Divina addressed the rumour that Strictly Come Dancing is hoping to secure one of the Drag Race UK queens to form part of the show’s first same-sex couple.

“Were I to be asked on it, I would love that. Has it happened yet? No.”

Pre-empting any criticism, she compared her background in ballet and contemporary dance to speaking French.

“Doing ballroom is like doing Russian. It is like talking a complete different language. You have an understanding of linguistics but not necessarily in the sae way, it is like talking a completely different language.”

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