The Pussycat Dolls’ appearance on The One Show is so excruciatingly awkward it’s impossible to look away

This Pussycat Dolls performance is so awkward it's hard to look away

The Pussycat Dolls, who reunited to be our saviours in music, suffered an aggressively awkward technical blunder that left Nicole Scherzinger and her four singers standing on stage as backing music played.

During the live broadcast, the five-piece appeared on evening talkshow The One Show to perform their new single “React”.

But the band failed to realise the track had begun playing. Leading to the band bumbling around, missing their cues and standing on the stage with their backs turned.


Botched Pussycat Dolls performance was a ‘mistake’ on BBC’s part.

The quintet, that recently welcomed Lady Gaga heir Charlotte Awbery as a new member, was introduced by host Matt Baker.

Yet, it seems that Scherzinger, Jessica Sutta, Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt and Carmit Bachar were all unable to hear the track. All five were stood motionless with their backs against the viewers.

The quintet appeared on the evening magazine show to perform their new single, "React". (Screen capture via YouTube/BBC)

The quintet appeared on the evening magazine show to perform their new single, “React”. (Screen capture via YouTube/BBC)

BBC One cameras scrambled, cutting back to Baker who then smoothly redid his cue. With the volume of the backing track dialled up, the girls swang into action.

But the nearly 40 seconds-long experience of watching the backs of the Pussycat Dolls stoically standing and staring into the void of some stage lighting was about as bearable as, well, the musicians being on a nine-year hiatus.

The One Show later issues a statement Thursday morning apologising for the mishap: “We apologise for the false start to last night’s Pussycat Dolls performance.

“The Pussycat Dolls were singing live to a backing track, which at the start they could not hear due to a technical error on our part.”

Viewers, as are contractually obligated to, took to Twitter to poke fun at the stumble. 

The slip came after the band appeared on ITV where they spoofed a technical hitch happening live on air by having a “We’re sorry for the disruption” banner wheeled onto the stage only to gloriously burst out of it.