Charli XCX finally watches The Hunger Games for the first time – despite having a song on the soundtrack

Charli XCX Hunger Games

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, now is a good time to catch up on some of the best films of the last decade you missed out on. That seems to be what Charli XCX is doing, anyway.

The singer-songwriter wrote on Twitter this week that she had watched The Hunger Games, the 2012 epic dystopian fantasy film starring Jennifer Lawrence, for the first time. That film spawned a hugely successful series of films.

The best part, however, is that Charli XCX actually wrote a song for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, but just casually revealed on Twitter that she has never actually seen the films.

Charli XCX watched The Hunger Games for the first time, despite the fact that she has a song on the soundtrack.

“I watched The Hunger Games for the first time last night. It was good,” she tweeted.

The tweet sent fans into a frenzy, as people rushed to remind the star that she actually wrote a song for the third film’s soundtrack.

When she was reminded of this fact, Charli XCX decided to set the record straight. She explained that Lorde, who curated the soundtrack album, gave her “a plot summary and a vibe” and she went from there.

Perhaps the best tweet in the entire story is the response from the official Hunger Games Twitter account. They recommended she give the soundtrack a listen – she might even find a couple of surprises on there, such as her own music.

The Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack was curated by Lorde and includes various artists including Haim, Chvrches, Tove Lo and Ariana Grande. It also, of course, included a song called “Kingdom” by Charli XCX and Simon Le Bon.

The English singer-songwriter is a vocal LGBT+ ally.

As well as being hilarious on Twitter, Charli XCX is also known as a vocal LGBT+ ally. The English singer-songwriter has regularly spoken out in favour of queer rights throughout her career.

I watched The Hunger Games for the first time last night. It was good.

Last November, she delivered a powerful speech to Russia’s queer community during a performance in the country.

She began her powerful speech by describing how the “majority” of her friends are members of the LGBT+ community, inciting a chorus of cheers from the packed venue.

“Sometimes,” she resumed after the cheering had gone on for more than 20 seconds, “it’s very hard to be a member of that community.”