Drag Race gives fans a sneak peak at the Snatch Game and we truly aren’t ready

Aiden Zhane in the Drag Race werk room

Drag Race has released the first glimpse at the season 12 Snatch Game, which promises to be among the most gag-worthy yet.

Year after year, the Snatch Game is the challenge which separates the tops from the bottoms while giving us truly blessed moments such as Melania Trump saying “any hole is a goal” and Dame Maggie Smith schooling the children on the origins of the English language.

The season 12 edition looks set to be another sickening addition to the canon, with the first teaser trailer revealing a number of colourful choices.

Returning to the werk room after narrowly escaping last week’s lip-sync, Brita Filter declares that she will be playing on friend of the show Jennifer Holliday.

Jaida Essence Hall says she will be take on the endlessly-quotable Cardi B, a smart choice which could let her acting chops shine like those shoulders.

Widow Von’Du is next up, pulling out her best Tina Turner wig, before revealing that she’s thinking of doing both the singer and her abusive ex-husband Ike.

Brita is the most relatable she’s ever been as she visibly shudders at the thought.

Aiden Zhane is the final queen to reveal her choice, announcing that she will play Patricia Quinn, best known as Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“She is like an old kooky woman now,” Aiden says, explaining that she has previously met the actor and had lunch with her.

Fans will need to tune into RuPaul’s Drag Race on Friday (April 3) to find out who Crystal Methyd, Gigi Goode, Heidi N Closet, Jackie Cox, Jan and Sherry Pie will be portraying.

Guest judging the season 12 Snatch Game are Mean Girls actors Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett.

Virtual viewing parties boost Drag Race viewing figures.

With Drag Race fans – and pretty much the entire world – stuck in lockdown, many are turning to virtual streaming parties to replace the traditional group viewings.

As a result, last week’s “Gay’s Anatomy” episode racked up the highest viewings in two years.

According to Deadline, the show posted a season-high in ratings with a 0.6 in the demographic, making it the highest Live+SD ratings for the franchise since the season 10 finale.