Jonathan Van Ness wants everyone to stop giving themselves quarantine haircuts. Immediately

Jonathan Van Ness: Please stop giving yourselves quarantine haircuts

Jonathan Van Ness has shared his top tip for giving yourself a haircut during coronavirus quarantine: Just don’t.

The Queer Eye star, who came out as non-binary last year and uses he/him pronouns, shared the advice despite having recently shaved his own beard off in self-isolation, a move which prompted fans to lose it.

In a classic case of do as I say, not as I do, the beloved grooming guru wants everyone to stop giving themselves quarantine haircuts. Right now.

Speaking on Tuesday’s at-home edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Van Ness shared these words of wisdom.

I think the most important advice is to not. It’s just to not do it. Just don’t do it.

“You know, the average human head grows between a quarter of an inch and a half an inch of hair a month,” he continued.

“So, worst case scenario, this is going to give you like — what — two inches, three inches of hair. It’s like, try a new look. Maybe you need a shag, maybe you need a new little bit of length. Yeah, like, save your haircuts.

“Because what you don’t want to do is mess up your hair so bad that you’re still growing that thing out after the quarantine.”


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I look like Weird Al w this no facial hair?️‍? He’s hot. ??

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Jonathan Van Ness turns author with children’s book about non-binary pets.

Van Ness wrote a children’s book about a non-binary guinea pig that was released in February.

He did a live reading of Peanut Goes For Gold on Instagram Live last week for children stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Explaining why he wrote the book on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Van Ness said: “Growing up, I loved children’s books.

“Don’t get me wrong. Like, the classics were amazing…But I think I would have been very comforted as a child to have known that there was, like, a fierce, non-binary guinea pig who was going to seize a medal at the junior national championships — or at least would have the opportunity to go to the junior national gymnastics championships.

“So, I knew that I needed to, like, create that space, very much like what Peanut did.”