The queens of the north are here! Canada’s Drag Race unveils its fierce cast of ‘unapologetic’ queens

Canada’s Drag Race has unveiled the cast of queens taking to the northern werk room for the very first time.

Twelve “true, north, strong and fierce” queens will compete for the title of Canada’s Next Drag Superstar, in the first-ever edition of Drag Race in Canada.

The new series has been given a July 2 air date, the day after Canada Day, and will be an “unapologetic” take on the franchise.

Brook Lynn Hytes, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Stacey McKenzie will judge the queens each week as they compete for $100,000 dollars, with ETALK Senior Correspondent Traci Melchor is serving as Canada’s very first Squirrel Friend, popping up in the werk room and on the mainstage.

Expect Snatch Games, puppets, reading challenges, makeovers and gag-worthy untucked sessions – and a whole lot of Canadian charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Get ready to meet the 12 queens making up the Canada’s Drag Race cast.

Anastarzia Anaquway

Anastarzia Anaquway

Anastarzia Anaquway. (Bell Media)

This veteran queen has won more than 15 pageants over an “amazing 17-year career”, and says being on Canada’s Drag Race is the culmination of all of this.

“It allows me to represent all the little black boys and girls in third world countries like the Bahamas that have huge dreams but no resources to make them a reality.”


Canada's Drag Race BOA

BOA. (Bell Media)

BOA, short for B***h On Arrival, doesn’t consider herself a comedy queen, but isn’t scared of standing up behind a mic either.

“I love drag because it gives me the opportunity to be my authentic, goofy self and bring my audience happiness. When an audience is happy, so am I! I like my drag to allow people to let loose, have fun, laugh and forget about all the negativity in the world.”

Ilona Verley

Ilona Verley

Ilona Verley. (Bell Media)

Ilona Verley is a two-spirit indigenous artist who grew up Nlaka’pamux. She’s striving to be the representation she never had while growing up.

“Drag is important to me as it is how I visually express how I see myself on the inside, and how I manifest my female energy as a two-spirit person!”


Canada's Drag Race Jimbo

Jimbo. (Bell Media)

A background in clowning and cabaret makes Jimbo one of Drag Race Canada’s most versatile performers.

“Drag is the perfect gateway for self-discovery and self-expression. It’s the beautiful culmination of courage, joy, performance, and artistry that inspires and entertains. Drag is a personal and political statement that challenges the social constructs to help inspire change in the world.”

Juice Boxx

Juice Boxx

Juice Boxx. (Bell Media)

The “cross fit princess” – aka, the trade of the season – Juice Boxx has a degree in fine art and a diploma make-up and special effects. In other words, expect leaks.

“I’m so excited to be on the first season of Canada’s Drag Race and I can’t wait to show the world how incredible Canadian drag really is.”



Kiara. (Bell Media)

Kiara is one of very few queens of colour in the Québec drag scene and is ready to represent.

“Being on Canada’s Drag Race is a dream come true. I’m beyond excited to be on my favourite TV show and I can’t wait to make queer Canadian her-story!”



Kyne. (Bell Media)

Kyne is a bona fide YouTube sensation with more than 100,000 subscribers on her channel, where sings and does wig tutorials.

“Drag is my vehicle for all my joy, ambition and creative energy. It makes me feel alive.”


Lemon Canada's Drag Race

Lemon. (Bell Media)

Hailing from Toronto but living in New York Cit, Lemon was chosen by Drag Race season nine winner Sasha Velour to be one of the models in her New York Fashion Week collaboration with Opening Ceremony.

“I am so excited to be on Canada’s Drag Race so I can show the world I’m not only that b***h, I’m that *Canadian* b***h.”


Priyanka Canada's Drag Race

Priyanka. (Bell Media

Recognise Priyanka? That’s because she worked as a kids TV host for four years before pivoting to a full-time career in drag, and graced the cover of Toronto’s NOW magazine when she was voted their favourite Toronto drag queen of 2019.

“I love drag so much. I had a drag queen perform at my 26th birthday party and they suggested I do drag. Now three titles, two music videos, and one big opportunity. I could be Canada’s First Ever Drag Superstar…what’s my name?!

Rita Baga

Rita Baga

Rita Baga. (Bell Media)

A popular face in Quebec where she’s been part of a number of TV shows, particularly in Montreal, where she’s an active member of the LGBT+ community.

“I’m beyond excited to be part of this journey! I want to make my province proud and to be the very first francophone to own a Drag Superstar title. Dreams DO come true!”

Scarlett Bobo

Scarlett Bobo.

Scarlett Bobo. (Bell Media)

Scarlett Bobo created and produces Empire’s Ball, a drag competition which she uses as a platform to talk about community needs and to inspire the younger generation of queer youth.

“I love, love, love doing drag because it allows me to live my truth every day and there are no rules to what I am allowed to do, say, or accomplish. Canada’s Drag Race lets me express every side of myself and show others how to be fearless and authentic. I want to prove that you can stay true to who you are, no matter what.”

Tynomi Banks

Tynomi Banks

Tynomi Banks. (Bell Media)

The Dancing Queen of Toronto “is fun, flirty, and fashionable”.

“She will entertain you, all the while stealing your man in plain sight and you won’t even realise it’s happening.”