Drag Race finds its ‘strongest top three in herstory’ ahead of virtual lip sync for the crown

Gigi Goode, Jackie Cox, Jaida Essence Hall and Crystal Methyd

Drag Race season 12 condragulated the three queens who’ll be virtually lip-syncing in the Zoom finale.

We made it squirrel friends! After 12 weeks, two Rusicals, a double shantay and one final maxi challenge, Drag Race season 12 has found its top four three.

After Heidi N Closet’s elimination, the remaining five returned to the werk room where things quickly turned dark.

She’s back. #DragRace pic.twitter.com/SdJFMxIUYo

— Joey Nolfi (@joeynolfi) May 16, 2020

No, really, there was a power cut.

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Temporarily moving to the harsh lighting of the Untucked lounge, the queens said out loud what we were all thinking: it’s a two-horse race between Gigi Goode and Jaida Essence Hall at this point, barring any major finale upsets.

To determine whether Crystal Methyd or Jackie Cox would be joining the frontrunners in the finale, RuPaul challenged the queens to a second Rusical – celebrating (or, more accurately, flogging tickets for) the RuPaul’s Drag Race Live! Las Vegas show.

Jamal Sims returned to coach the queens through three performances – a campy opener, an earnest ballad and a final rap track.

It was a big swing, but the queens all served.

that was THE. BEST. rusical in the show’s herstory #DragRace pic.twitter.com/4lMbzLU3tb

— anders? (@anders_lucassss) May 16, 2020

Wow I got so emotional. I think this is now my favourite Rusical ? this is so powerful#DragRace #RuPaulDragRace pic.twitter.com/TAp1WmsgJU

— Rihanna Sawayama (@ArturoIntac) May 16, 2020

#dragrace all the gays after tonight’s episode like: pic.twitter.com/jqFvMGGzH6

— hannah (@mmethyd) May 16, 2020

After taking their final bow, the category was eleganza extravaganza.

Crystal’s look was pure Crystal.

Is @CrystalMethyd Jumbah? I’ve never seen them in the same place…. #dragrace pic.twitter.com/DcyXQZscst

— Robert Rowledge (@rrowledge24) May 16, 2020

Gigi merged fashion with comedy.

HER MIND I CAN’T!!! Darla all grown up? #DragRace #RuPaulsDragRace #RupaulsDragRaceSeason12 pic.twitter.com/6X1bnmj6Dz

— Ian Gooderham (@_iangooderham) May 16, 2020

Jaida called you and your entire lineage ugly.

can you believe someone is the most beautiful person in the world and that person is jaida essence hall? pic.twitter.com/BWf4cQfWg2

— sophia is team top three (@jaidaquaria) May 16, 2020

And Jackie wore her heart on her sleeve – and a big old bow around her waist.

jackie cox has seriously put her heart on that stage every single time and wore her heritage on her sleeve!!!! the way she has proved that middle eastern representation matters is truly an iconic historical drag race herstory moment and she doesnt even need a crown for that!! ? pic.twitter.com/zUYHTOuTIf

— audrey (spoilers!) (@_isareylie) May 16, 2020

As the judge’s gave their critiques, Sherry Pie got a rare shout-out that sent fans into a spin.

Jackie Cox is Seven (7) years older than Sherry Pie?! pic.twitter.com/ejpoooWW3l

— Stuart Ross (@WStuartross) May 16, 2020

With the Rusical too close to call, the panel agreed that scorecards had to come into play, meaning Crystal and Jackie were in the bottom two.

Ru: Sh**** P**, you’re safe

The world:#dragrace #DragRace12 pic.twitter.com/yR57vwyYu0

— NoBo (@NoboTaco) May 16, 2020

And ultimately, it was time for the Persian princess next door to sashay away.

jackie cox slayed that lip sync and deserves a spot on the top 4 why can’t y’all just make that happen #DragRace pic.twitter.com/Ds5MWCBlWJ

— buknoy! (@_markburgos) May 16, 2020


— Jai España? (@xodeadpegasus) May 16, 2020

the top 4 we DESERVED and whoever disagrees is wrong #DragRace pic.twitter.com/q840OVYhBq

— ???? ✧*:.。. #TeamGigi (@kaeliasha) May 16, 2020

Me, if RuPaul doesn’t bring back Jackie Cox for the finale #DragRace pic.twitter.com/RZJSq68Ud8

— Bryan Boggiano (@Bryan_KnowsBest) May 16, 2020

Jackie’s farewell and Sherry’s disqualification means Gigi, Jaida and Crystal proceed to the finale, and into the history books as one of the strongest set of finalists in Drag Race herstory.

Snatch Game winner
Ball winner
Rusical winner
Rumix winner

WINNER!#TeamGigi #DragRace pic.twitter.com/SApeFprsdi

— pedro goode (@pedwolucas) May 16, 2020

THANK GOD #dragrace #teamcrystal pic.twitter.com/VCuyJb33cE

— ً (@hjpdlm) May 16, 2020

JAIDA. ESSENCE. HALL!! Just look at the s12 winner #TeamJaida #DragRace pic.twitter.com/0kvhp1LVcV

— ☆ isabel ☆ (@izzygalarzap) May 16, 2020

Strongest top 3 on #DragRace herstory PERIOD pic.twitter.com/MgDmyaqwzg

— good morning campers (@CristianToroL) May 16, 2020