Converse screams ‘gay rights’ with new rainbow Valentine’s Day shoe collection

The Converse Valentine's Day collection features rainbow high tops. (@Manonlouart/Converse)

Converse has released a Valentine’s Day shoe collection including a pair that screams “gay rights!”.

It features the classic high-top trainers with a brand new redesign of the iconic star patch logo. This time it’s in the Pride rainbow colours alongside its “made with love” Valentine’s motif on the sole.

They’re part of the brand’s wider Valentine’s collection which includes new colours and designs with heart laces, red and pink and heart-embossed trainers all available.

Plus you can also custom design your own pair of high-tops or low-tops with loads of colours to choose from, so you could literally create your own rainbow shoe complete with Converse’s rainbow laces.

The rainbow logo high-tops are priced at £75, while the custom shoes are priced from £70 and you can shop the entire Valentine’s Day collection on the Converse website here.

Converse has released a rainbow themed shoe for Valentine's Day. (Converse)

Converse has released a rainbow themed shoe for Valentine’s Day. (Converse)

The brand has previously released a Pride collection to ‘celebrate inclusivity through our sneakers’ and also saw them give back to LGBT+ people through community partners.

Released last summer it featured rainbow shoes, trainers in the trans flag colours, shimmery sequined shoes, t-shirts in the inclusive Pride flag colours and other classic Converse clothing with new rainbow logos.

Although not everyone in the LGBT+ community agrees with big name brands and celebs releasing collections during Pride season which has increased over the past few years.

A number of them have been accused of pandering to the community without engaging in a meaningful way, with Listerine’s rainbow-coloured mouthwash coming under fire more recently.

Another was Marks & Spencer’s LGBT sandwich made up of Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato, which although sounds tasty was turned into a meme on gay Twitter for being tone deaf.

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