What are Overwatch league tokens, when where they introduced and how do you get them?

Overwatch League from Activision Blizzard

Looking to redeem some league tokens in Overwatch League but not sure how? Well, look no further as we have all the information you need to access them.

Last week, Blizzard Entertainment announced BlizzCon 2021, promising a sneak peek at Overwatch 2 as well as the behind-the-scenes making of the Overwatch universe. With fans across the globe hyped, we thought it’d be nice to offer a self-help guide on how to earn, redeem, and use your tokens.

What are Overwatch League Tokens and how do they work?

Overwatch League tokens can be used in-game to purchase team skins for heroes. Each team’s skin costs 100 tokens and comes with both the home and away version of that skin.

How to earn and redeem Overwatch League Tokens.

You can earn five league tokens for every hour spent on Overwatch League platforms during live matches. Your time is tracked continuously, so if you watch 30 minutes in one session and return later for another 30 minutes of viewing, you’ll get credit for that total accumulated hour.

Time only accrues by watching live matches on the Overwatch League website or on the iOS and Android mobile apps. The most important thing to remember is that Overwatch League tokens cannot be earned by watching games live on YouTube.

They will be available in your Battle.net account after each completed hour and can be used on all gaming platforms. Players and viewers can redeem tokens for in-game items by creating a Blizzard account or logging into overwatchleague.com or in the Overwatch League app. You must have a valid Overwatch game license that needs to be connected from your console (Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch) to your Battle.net account in order to redeem.

What to do with the league tokens collected.

When you have accumulated 100 league tokens, you can purchase one-team-specific skin for a hero of your choice (and there’s a lot to choose from). You can also purchase loot boxes that contain up to four cosmetic items and/or in-game credits. The current loot boxes are themed after the Chinese new year, celebrating the Year of the Ox.

You can order the Overwatch Legendary Edition here for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.