Drag Race icon Tamisha Iman is coming for Monét X Change: ‘I will show you girls how to read for filth’

Monet X Change and Tamisha Iman

A Drag Race civil war is brewing between Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change.

Tamisha Iman has put Monét X Change on notice after the All Stars 4 winner shared some less-than-enthusiastic views about her drag.

Tamisha gave Monét and fans ample time to prepare, confirming on Saturday (1 May) that she would be reading her on Tuesday (4 May).

“I’m about to make an example out of every b***h that has uttered Tamisha Iman’s name,” she declared on Instagram.

Tamisha begins the video by listening to a clip of Monét and Bob the Drag Queen reading the music video she prepared for the season 13 reunion on their podcast, Sibling Rivalry.

“Lets move on to your arch-nemesis, Tamisha Iman,” Bob says in the clip.

“Bob does this thing and he’s creating his own fake narrative… Tamisha Iman has never said anything about me,” Monét hits back. That changed pretty quickly.

“I have sat back and I have let a lady whose best look on Drag Race was made with sponges read me, the icon,” Tamisha Iman said of Monét X Change.

“So, I am not petty as people think, but now that the season is over…  I’m about to show y’all how to reign supreme by giving zero f**ks about what people may think about you.”

“Now Monét… please let her know, the way I am going to read your ass on Tuesday, and not just you, because I tried to spare a lot of y’all, but the way I am going to read you former drag girls… I am going to show why I have lasted in this industry 30 years. I am going to show you why you sometimes have to learn to respect your elders.

“Not one comment I have made publicly about Monét since I entered the show. She has read me at every chance she could get, she hasn’t been the only one, but she is the one I am going to make an example of.”

Tamisha noted that she has “nothing to lose”, explaining that although she is a fan favourite, she knows “for a fact… I am not one of a lot of the girls’ favourites… I am not one of [Drag Race producers] World of Wonder’s favoured”.

With Tamisha warning that she is ready “to show you little girls how to read for filth”, the Drag Race fandom devoured the drama gleefully.

With a number of Drag Race queens weighing in too.

Ahead of her scheduled reading, Monét defended herself by sharing a video of all the times she and Bob complimented Tamisha on their show, adding: “This is all the energy I will be giving this for the time being.”