Dolly Parton and Moira Rose lead Drag Race Down Under’s iconically camp Snatch Game line-up

Drag Race Down Under Snatch Game

Drag Race Down Under plays the Snatch Game in episode two, and the line-up might just be the campest one yet.

The second episode of Drag Race Down Under, airing Sunday (9 May) on BBC iPlayer and Saturday (8 May) elsewhere, will see the nine remaining queens compete with impersonations of celebrities.

A teaser released ahead of the episode has revealed the queens’ choices for the game and it’s safe to say some get off to a better start than others.

Karen from Finance is one to watch, impersonating the never-before-attempted gay icon Dolly Parton. Like a few of the Australasian queens she is trying out an American accent, but unfortunately it sounds like it could use some work.

Among the other queens playing US icons are Scarlet Adams as Jennifer Coolidge, Coco Jumbo as Lizzo, Elektra Shock as Catherine O’Hara (Schitt’s Creek‘s Moira Rose) and, er, Kita Mean as Dr Seuss.

Moira Rose has been top of many fans’ Snatch Games lists since Schitt’s Creek finished last year, but  a clip of Elektra’s impersonation has left fans concerned.

While the character is known for her bizarre yet charming quotes, Elektra’s opener is just plain bizarre. She quipped: “You know what they say Ru, you can’t have all the pigeons, but when you do they’re probably Italian.”

While five of the nine queens opted for American celebs, three chose to impersonate people from their home turf. Art Simone will be playing as Bindi Irwin, daughter of The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, and Maxi Shield will be playing as Australian actress Magda Szubanski, known for her roles in Kath & Kim and Babe.

Etcetera Etcetera will be impersonating Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, an Australian woman famously wrongfully convicted of killing her nine-week-old daughter in Uluru in the 1980s. After serving over three years in prison, Lindy was officially pardoned after the court found her daughter was actually taken from their tent by a dingo.

Anita Wigl’it chose to impersonate a fellow queen: Queen Elizabeth II.

Here’s the teaser:

While Snatch Game usually features guest stars on the game, due to the ongoing pandemic, judges Michelle Visage and Rhys Nicholson will be playing with the contestants.

Kylie and Dannii Minogue have been announced as guest judges on the season, however it hasn’t yet been confirmed which episodes they will feature in,

The first episode saw the queens compete in a ball, where Karen from Finance stole the win and Jojo Zaho was eliminated from the werk room.

Drag Race Down Under Snatch Game will air on BBC iPlayer on Sunday (9 May).