Twitch partner banned for targeting drag streamer with vile homophobic and transphobic abuse

Cribazz Twitch Partner

A Twitch streamer, who received Partner status on the first day of Pride, has been banned a day later after LGBT+ streamers called out his harassment.

Cribazz received Partner status on 1 June but he spent his next stream harassing a drag streamer live on stream.

Both he and his followers descended on QueenNickiMirage’s chat, spouting hateful, homophobic and transphobic abuse.

The event was recorded by fellow drag streamer Deere, who was present in chat at the time and was mistaken by Cribazz for Twitch staff.

At the very least, restreaming another streamer’s stream is against Twitch terms of service, let alone the targeted abuse.

Cribazz has also made similar transphobic and misogynistic content across other streams, YouTube and TikTok, which have resurfaced in light of this event.

Cribazz has now deleted all videos from his Twitch page, but clips of the incident continue to be shared on social media.

Since Deere shared the clip online, many LGBT+ streamers responded requesting Twitch to ban Cribazz.

“It’s disgusting how easy it is for hateful, deplorable individuals and communities to have a platform,” said Jambo.

Chonki also questioned the Partner vetting process: “If this ain’t a sign that twitch doesn’t vet people who get partnered, and only look at stats. How the hell did he slide through?”

Being a Twitch Partner grants a higher status and is a major goal for many streamers. It allows you to monetise your stream and offer channel subscriptions with extra content, emotes and ad-free viewing among other benefits.

Above all, Partners are expected to be ambassadors for Twitch. Plus the timing during Pride Month, with Twitch highlighting LGBT+ streamers on their front page, could not be worse.

The platform has since banned Cribazz, though only temporarily for seven days. 

Cribazz has also retained his Partner status, despite this behaviour. Streamers have continued to call him out, along with Twitch.

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