Drag Race icon Gottmik opens up about being pansexual: ‘All I care about is a really gorge personality’


Drag Race icon Gottmik opened up about being pansexual and not caring “about gender at all” in a surreal interview with themself.

Kade Gottlieb, the man behind the white paint, interviewed his own drag persona Gottmik, who shared her thoughts on Drag Race, Pride and being part of the LGBT+ community, for the digital Pride issue of Glamour.

Kade started by asking Gottmik about coming out as trans and pansexual.

The drag icon responded that it took “so much self-love and confidence” that she had to “find out of nowhere” to come out to her friends and family – and later the world on Drag Race.

“And then I think also about being able to go on national television and being as open as I was and just share my story,” Gottmik said. “I think all of these pivotal moments in my life helped me be exactly who I am today.”

Speaking about her sexuality, Gottmik described herself as pansexual, which she said means: “I do not care about gender at all”.

However, she said she only “put a label” on her sexuality because she was “labelling everything else in my life at the moment”. One day she believes society will “stop with labels” because “love is love”.

“All I care about is a really gorge personality and that’s it,” Gottmik explained. “And I feel like most of my friends are the exact same way, whether they label that or not.”


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Gottmik was the first out trans man to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race, finishing in the final four of season 13.

She recently opened up about the warm welcome she recieved from RuPaul, telling Attitude: “What you saw in the ball, her being obsessed with my executive look and all of that, that was so real. I remember turning onto the stage, and her gasping and just dying.”

Gottmik and RuPaul’s love-in has continued past the show, with the queen of drag paying tribute to Gottmik at a recent MTV Movie & TV Awards appearance.

Surprising Gottmik and season 13 winner Symone, RuPaul said: I’ve got to say you two are a perfect example of why our casting is so great.

“You’re two of the greatest cast members we have ever had on our little show.”