Heroic woman shuts down homophobic ‘Karen’ who called to rant about Pride month

Karen Pride TikTok

An incredible TikTok video showing an employee shutting down a caller’s homophobic rant has gone viral.

A TikTok user named Hannah (@actuallynothx) posted the video with the caption: “This lady was mad that the company I work for posted about #PrideMonth on social media.”

The caller makes a number of homophobic remarks, saying that her child seeing the Pride month post to her child is the same her somebody slipping something in her child’s drink.

“Hollywood is glorifying ‘this culture’,” she rants. “It is wrong to glorify this culture, that that is what you’re doing and I’m so offended.”

Hannah claps back, pointing out that someone slipping something in her child’s drink “has nothing to do with Pride month.”

In an incredible off-the-cuff retort, she adds: “Well ma’am, people all around the world and all around the country and businesses have been glorifying straight culture for hundreds and hundreds of years.”

The call ends when the woman calls Hannah a “disgusting human being” and Hannah responds saying “well I think you’re disgusting” before hanging up the phone.


This lady was mad that the company I work for posted about #pridemonth?️‍? on social media #customerservice #karen #foryou

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The video quickly blew up on TikTok and at the time of writing has been viewed over 700,000 times.

One user commented: “I wish every company let us stand up to customers like you’re standing up to this lady.”

Many praised Hannah’s patience and strength in remaining calm with the caller. She responded to one comment saying that “tomorrow is [her] last day” in the job.

Another wrote that he worked in customer service and has “dealt with this ALL the time”.

Viewers begged for more, so Hannah followed up with another part of the phone call.

Part two amps up the homophobia, with the caller saying: “I am disgusted with this society, and especially for the young… it’s approving that lifestyle, and that lifestyle is wrong.”

She also says that “kids that are committing suicide”. Hannah points out: “Actually, most of those youths are committing suicide due to a lack of acceptance.”

While LGBT+ TikTok has blown up in recent years, the platform has previously come under fire for their algorithm spreading anti-LGBT+ content and being “categorically unsafe” for LGBT+ people.