RuPaul blesses the gays with not one, not two, but three new Drag Race seasons

RuPaul in an orange dress

Get ready to be pounded by RuPaul’s money stick once more, as RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14, more Untucked, and a second run of the Secret Celebrity spin-off have been confirmed.

With RuPaul busying herself launching lucrative Drag Race spin-offs around the world and “leasing mineral rights to oil companies”, it’s good to see she that hasn’t forgotten about her first-born.

RuPaul’s Drag Race will return for a 14th season, it was confirmed Monday (23 August).

“I am extremely grateful to all the amazing and talented Drag Race queens — past, present, and future — that continue to inspire us to find new ways to tell their stories,” RuPaul said in a statement.

“Through love, light, and laughter, they remind all of us that the most powerful thing you can do is to become the image of your own imagination.”

You could argue the most powerful thing one could do is to ensure there aren’t any climate-devastating activities going on in one’s own back yard. But we digress.

As well as season 14 of the much-loved series, RuPaul will also return in the much-tolerated Secret Celebrity Drag Race, which sees returning queens makeover alleged celebrities including *checks notes* Jordan Connor and Phoebe Robinson. To be fair, the episode with Vanessa Williams and Loni Love was pretty decent, so more of that, please.

The final show greenlit for another run was Drag Race Untucked, which will air along season 14.

The newly-announced seasons join an already packed slate for the global Drag Race franchise.

All Stars 6 is currently airing, with rumours that the format will be expanded in the near future with an all winners season, as well as an international edition.

Season two of Drag Race Holland recently launched, to be followed in September by Drag Race UK season three. A second run of Canada’s Drag Race has also been confirmed, as well as a third Drag Race Thailand and brand-new Italian and Filipino entries.