Drag Race UK season three confirms another batch of iconically camp celebrity guests

Drag Race host RuPaul looking shocked

Drag Race UK season three just got a whole lot bigger.

Another day, another tea spill. The BBC is steadily edging Drag Race UK fans into full-blown hysteria, Ru-vealing even more iconic celebrity guests.

It’s already been confirmed that Matt Lucas, Kathy Burke and Oti Mabuse will appear as guest judges on the new run. But on Friday (27 August), the BBC announced that Steps will be sharing their pop wisdom with the 12 competing queens. 

And – hold on to your wigs – the iconic Charity Shop Sue, long at the top of fans’ guest judge wish lists, will be bringing her “sec’hand chance realness to the runway”.

Cue screams.

Finally, award-winning choreographer Jay Revell will be returning to put the queens through their paces.

H from Steps said: “As mentors we took no prisoners! We worked the queens hard.. and it paid off. It’s going to be an iconic episode. It was no drag-edy!”

Charity Shop Sue added: “We love that it gives people the confidence to be their authentic selves and to shine bright – no one should ever dim our light for anybody.”

Revell teased: “I think the queens this year are very exciting. Top tier, very high standard across the board.”

The beast will be released all over your TV screens this September.

Drag Race UK season three already facing controversy

Drag Race UK season three will welcome 11 new queens and a returning one – Veronica Green, who was forced to bow out of season two due to COVID.

For the first time ever, Drag Race UK will welcome a female queen to the werk room: Victoria Scone, who also has the honour of being the first cis woman to compete in any Drag Race series anywhere in the world.

We’ll also get to meet Anubis Finch, Charity Kase, Choriza May, Elektra Fence, Ella Vaday, Kitty Scott-Claus, Krystal Versace, River Medway, Scarlett Harlett and Vanity Milan.

The new season has already faced some controversy – first, over the lack of diversity among the cast (with just three queens of colour) and secondly over racist, resurfaced tweets.

Charity Kase issued a grovelling apology after fans unearthed a series of eight-year-old tweets, posted when she was a teenager, that included the N word as well as examples of cultural appropriation.

In a statement on Monday (23 August) Charity Kase acknowledged she’d used “disgusting and offensive language in a casual, colloquial way” as a teenager but insisted she’s now “changed and matured”.

A spokesperson for the BBC told PinkNews: “The BBC is against racism in all its forms. These historical tweets were from when the individual was a minor. Charity has expressed sincere remorse, apologised, and made clear they have grown and changed as a person.”