Charli XCX reveals unfortunate but ‘iconic’ nickname she got from Cardi B

Side by side images of Charli XCX and Cardi B

Charli XCX has opened up about the time Cardi B mistook her for someone else on social media, resulting in her “iconic” nickname.

The British chart-topper opened up about the embarrassing mishap in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (5 March). Charli explained that the mixup occurred in 2018 when she worked alongside Cardi B for their “Girls” collaboration with Rita Ora and Bebe Rexha. 

“It was one of those scenarios where we never met when we made the song, and we shot the music video separately,” Charli explained. “We were sending verses and whatever.”

The “Boom Clap” singer recalled how Cardi B teased about the song on Twitter, and Charli said she was so excited that the iconic rapper “tweeted my name”. But then, she discovered that Cardi B accidentally tagged the wrong account in the post. 

“She tweets the song, and I’m like, “Oh my god, Cardi B tweeted my name! This is huge!’,” Charli explained. “And then I like check the tag, and instead of Charli XCX, it’s ‘Charli STD’.”

Fallon joked that the two names are “not that far off” from each other, and Charli agreed while laughing. 

The British singer explained that it wasn’t the only time the “WAP” rapper tagged the wrong account. 

“There is an account called Charli STD which, I think Cardi tagged it not once, but twice,” she said.

But Charli XCX said she isn’t angry about the mishap. Instead, she felt “honoured” by the hilarious mistake and said Cardi B could call her “Charli STD whenever she wants”. 

“I felt honoured, actually,” she said. “I was like ‘If anyone is gonna make this kind of online error, it’s gotta be Cardi because it’s iconic’.”

The singer continued: “I’m almost happy it happened. She can call me Charli STD whenever she wants.”

Charli XCX shared a clip from the interview on her Instagram and jokingly declared that “Charli STD” was “reporting for duty”. She also thanked Cardi B for creating the nickname, which she described as an “iconic piece of Twitter history”.