Drag Race’s Kitty Scott-Claus reveals whether she’d do UK vs The World 2 after all the drama

Her season of Drag Race UK only ended four months ago, but it feels like we’ve known Kitty Scott-Claus forever. 

The season three runner-up joins our Zoom call with a heavily powdered face. She’s getting ready for her new play – the acclaimed murder mystery played by a cast of drag queens and kings, Death Drop, which just welcomed Kitty and her Drag Race sister Jujubee as its new headliners.

Where Kitty is full Essex and high energy onstage, Louis Westwood, the person behind the queen, is the epitome of sweetness and serenity in real life. From her upbringing studying theatre to her passion for squash, the 30-year-old drag artist keeps on winning our hearts without even trying hard. One can’t buy star quality. 

PinkNews: Congratulations on landing this leading role Kitty! How does it make you feel to see yourself on such a big stage in London?

Kitty Scott-Claus: It feels like such a full-circle moment for me. I went to drama school and I trained in musical theatre for years. This was the venue where we did our West End showcase in our third year in 2014. They brought all the agents along right here in this theatre. I’m in the same dressing room I was in back then. I wish I could go back and tell myself: “You’ll be here in a few years leading a show in the West End.”

We know Kitty Scott-Claus quite well now, but in Death Drop, you are Shazza. Can you tell us more about her?

Shazza is this pop star from the 80s. She has not had a hit in a while, she might have had just the one song that made her famous. She’s been pushed to the sidelines a bit and is desperate for a comeback. In her head, she is still the diva, the doll, the moment. Shazza was originally played by Courtney Act and then by Willam and each had their own distinct way of playing it. For me, I channel the GC, Gemma Collins, and I’m very Essex with it.

You’re sharing the stage with Jujubee. How is it to work with such a legend?

Before I was announced on Drag Race, I was part of the support act on her tour in the UK last, which was amazing. I love her so much. We share the same dressing room here, she’s an absolute star. She’s so kind, generous and giving as a performer. Off stage, she is so zen, so chill, which is wonderful because that’s exactly what you want. 

Were you one of her supporters in Drag Race UK vs The World?

I love Juju but I was team Cheryl all the way! I love Cheryl, she is one of the reasons I started doing drag back in the day. She is one of my best friends, I love her to pieces, and I was definitely team Cheryl. Well, I was team UK, but also team Juju. 

The show received mixed critiques within the fandom, especially when it came to the eliminations and the drama. What’s your view on that? 

As a fan of the show, I loved it. I remember watching it thinking: “This is amazing and also the drama is fabulous. Absolutely everything you could ever wish for.” The eliminations were shocking but didn’t it make fantastic television? No one can deny that. Pangina’s elimination was just like the gag. Also, Blu is such a star. Anyone who went on that show was already a star but I think Blu really shined. 

If RuPaul calls you back for a possible second season of Drag Race UK vs The World, would you say yes? If so, who would you like to compete against?

If they come calling, I’ll come and run. I love it. I had the best time on season three. It was everything I could have wished for in my Drag Race UK experience plus some. I would love to compete against any of my season three sisters because I feel like we could form an alliance. It would be fabulous. 

Death Drop is at the Criterion Theatre, London throughout April.