‘Very-right wing’ comedian Joe Lycett shares advice for Liz Truss in 100 per cent sincere tweet

side-by-side photos of Joe Lycett giving a thumbs up and Liz Truss looking displeased

Joe Lycett has continued to offer prime minister and “babe” Liz Truss his absolutely 100 per cent sincere support.

Lycett, who is famously “very right-wing and loving it”, tried to instil some confidence in Truss, whose less-than-a-month-old government saw the pound plunge to unprecedented lows on Monday (26 September).

The pound dropped to $1.03 after Truss’s finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng slashed taxes, paying for them with the biggest borrowing increase since 1972, but the ever-optimistic Lycett simply told the prime minister in a tweet: “Hold ur nerve babe u got this xoxo.”

Lycett’s followers were thrilled to have been served their “daily cup of mischievous joy”, with one tweeting: “I am also extremely right wing and hope she is OK. DM me if you need babe @trussliz.”

“Seeing Truss as PM is like seeing an elephant at the top of a tree,” said another.

“You have no idea how it got there but you know it won’t be there very long.”

When he later tweeted that he would definitely rate Truss’s government a 10 out of 10, one of his followers agreed: “I’m so incredibly comforted by this government, the gravitas, care, seriousness and solemnity with which they are facing the armageddon of crises that those other governments before them caused is deeply reassuring.”

Earlier this month, Lycett’s shenanigans made the front page of the Daily Mail after he appeared on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

During his appearance, shortly before Truss was announced as the new leader of the Conservative and Britain’s prime minister, Lycett left Kuenssberg stunned by declaring that while left-wing voices might dismiss Truss as the “backwash of the available [Tory] MPs,” he would “never say that” because he is “incredibly right-wing”.

The Daily Mail accused the BBC of “anti-Tory bias” and complained that “the interview was overshadowed by Joe Lycett who sarcastically applauded and cheered [Truss], before ridiculing her promises to help families with energy bills”.

But Lycett simply shared the front page splash, and said: “I’ll be off to the framers in the morning.”