Bisexual Superman comic hasn’t been cancelled, writer confirms: ‘Try reporting facts’

A writer for the bisexual Superman comic series has shut down claims that it was cancelled due to low sales.

Superman: Son of Kal-El follows Jon Kent, son of the original Superman Clark Kent and Louis Lane, as he takes up his father’s mantle and explores his bisexuality.

On Tuesday (11 October) it was reported that the comic had been cancelled due to poor sales – but DC Comics writer Tom Taylor set the record straight.

“Not cancelled, Jon Kent’s solo title is being renamed Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent. So Jon has an iconic Superman series to himself and to include his name in the title,” Taylor clarified in a tweet on Wednesday (12 October).

“As for sales, let’s check what the #1 selling comic is on Amazon right now… oh,” he continued, posting an image of Son of Kal-El issue #16 firmly holding the top spot for comic sales. “Try reporting facts.”

19-second video report by Sky News Australia, which is labelled “opinion,” sees presenter Rowan Dean claim it’s unsurprising that a “climate alarmist, homosexual Superman turns out to be Kryptonite to readers”.

But it turns out facts might be the hero we needed after all.

Tom Taylor clarified that the reason sales have dropped since issue #5 – which confirmed Jon Kent is bisexual – was because his coming out made “global news” and prompted a spike in sales.

“I get there are those who want to see this series fail for some pretty obvious, and awful, reasons but… it’s not failing,” he said in a Twitter thread. “Far from it. Issues 1-4 of Superman: Son of Kal-El all sold out and went back for 2nd printing.

“Maybe Superman: Son of Kal-El isn’t selling that well AFTER issue 5? That would make perfect sense. Issue 5 made global news.”

DC announced the Superman rebranding at New York Comic Con 2022

DC Comics representatives announced the rebranding during New York Comic Con 2022, saying: “Superman: Son of Kal-El will end with issue #18, but fans of Jon Kent do not need to worry!

“Writer Tom Taylor and artist Clayton Henry will be telling new Jon Kent stories in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent.”

The upcoming series, which will release in early 2023, sees the openly bisexual superhero take on his sinister Earth-2 rival Ultraman with the help of a few friends.

Earth-2's Ultraman, who will face Superman in the new comic.

Earth-2’s Ultraman, who will face Superman in the new comic. (DC)

Taylor told fans he couldn’t be “more excited” for Kent to continue his growth as Superman in an all-new series, promising that it will be “one of the most action-packed books I’ve ever written.”

The Adventures of Superman title was specifically chosen to coincide with Jon Kent’s story of finding his own feet in the role of Superman without the help of his father.

“As a huge Superman fan, it’s an honour to take on such an iconic series as Adventures of Superman,” Taylor told Popverse. “I couldn’t be happier that Jon Kent is not only inheriting this famous title but having his name added. As a huge Superman fan, it’s an honour