VinylBox is the subscription service that’s curating record collections based on your music taste

VinylBox curates vinyl collections according to your taste.

VinylBox handpicks and curates albums according to your musical preferences – and delivers them directly to your door.

This subscription service means less time searching through Spotify, flicking through record racks, or scouring shops in order to find new music to listen to, and more time actually listening to it.

The service is also 30 percent less than what you’d pay on average in UK stores – with VinylBox the average cost of an LP is £14 compared to the standard retail price of £21.

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For the collectors at heart – with each iconic album you receive, you’ll also get a track-by-track breakdown and a backstory on how each VinylBox was collated.

What is VinylBox?

As an online subscription service, VinylBox will surprise you each month with a selection of records that have been hand-picked for you based on your choice of music.

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It’s an easy, quick, fun (and cheaper) way to build and add more depth to your record collection as the price is a fraction of the cost, you’ll pay per LP elsewhere.

The records are delivered directly to you, within three days after you make your selection, and postage and packaging (which is fully recyclable) are included in the price.

And if you’re not ready to take the leap with a subscription, you can choose the pay-as-you-go option too, for when you’ve got spare change.

Each month VinylBox sends you albums delivered to your door.

How does VinylBox work?

Each month, you choose the theme of your VinylBox from up to fourteen genres that it releases each month.

After the albums are announced under the theme, you make your selection – but don’t worry – you’ve got a few days to do so. You’re also allowed to veto up to two albums, which helps VinylBox to cater to your tastes.

From the remainder of the albums, you’re then sent a curated selection relating to your chosen theme.

If you don’t find any winners, you can opt out for the month or choose from the previous month’s collections too.

And if you’re starting out your collection, and haven’t scored a record player yet, then you can include one and a speaker in your bundle for an additional £199.

VinylBox makes building a record collection easy.

What boxes can I get?

Each month’s selection of genres is super wide-ranging and eclectic.

Recent boxes saw the genres based on location – ‘US: Sounds of the Radio’, ‘Berlin Bei Nacht’, more traditional musical genres – ‘Soul Selectors 2.0’, ‘The Jazz Bar’, genres based on musical eras – ’60’s Mainstream’, ‘Next Gen Classics’, and others based on cultural happenings – ‘World Cup House Party’ and ‘Glatso Royalty’.

VinylBox often pack in limited edition or deluxe edition vinyl into the boxes too, for an added element of surprise.

What people have said about VinylBox

VinylBox’s Trustpilot reviews have people loving the surprise element VinylBox brings them each month, and how it helps extend their musical range.

“Absolutely love the service,” says Jamie McKie. “The quality and sleekness of packaging and the surprise factor is amazing. I bought three albums with a discount, and I love it so much I’m signing up for a year!! Helps you listen to things you might not normally get. I’m so happy.”

Another reviewer raves about how it offers you choice, but not too much.

“This is a great gift for a music lover, there’s enough variety and flexibility to make sure you don’t get stuck with records that you don’t want, and the curation is excellent,” says Kirsten Johnson.

And yet another was stoked about the signed, limited edition LP that arrived in his bundle.

“Having grown up with vinyl, VinylBox gave me the perfect excuse to get back into it. I love their selection and even received an awesome Double LP, signed Gregory Porter record last month.”

You can subscribe to VinylBox here.

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