Drag Race UK’s Victoria Scone opens up about making ‘herstory’ on the runway: ‘It’s a love letter to drag kings’

A promotional photo of Victoria Scone in full pink drag outfit with spotlight graphics shining in the background

Victoria Scone, part of the UK’s contingent in Canada’s Drag Race: Canada Vs. The World, has spoken about walking the runway as the first ‘drag king’ seen in the franchise.

Scone, who is the only AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) queen the franchise has ever seen, globally, turned out a look as drag king named Victor Stone in the season’s third episode Air Body Lace category (2 December).

The franchise, which has now produced over 30 individual English-speaking seasons alone, has never cast a drag king – a female presenting individual who intends to ‘masculinise’ themself in drag.

Scone’s runway look was complete with a full latex bodysuit, leg hair, lace shirt and more abs than stilettos in a drag bar.

Speaking to Icesis Couture and Rita Baga in an exclusive clip, Victoria Scone said: “It’s really a love letter to drag kings.”

“With the theme ‘Air Body Lace’, I assumed … people are going to do beautiful lingerie. So I was like ‘I’m going to do the male version of the very sexy lingerie.”

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Scone pointed out she would be the first cis woman to do a drag king look on the show, and that she never performs as Victor Stone (Victoria’s alter-ego) in the outside world.

In the confessional chair, she said that she “appreciated the art form so much”, that she had to “take a risk” in wearing the look.

“My brain trying to decide if I’m gay, bi, pan or straight now after this runway,” one user wrote.

Host of the franchise and former Ru-Girl, Brooke Lynn Hytes added: “You are INCREDIBLE and Victor Scone will go down in the herstory books as one of the most iconic runways.”

Current reigning Drag Race UK winner Danny Beard joined in the praise, writing: “This was everything!!!”

Victoria Scone was one-half of the top two of the week but lost the lip-sync to Silky Nutmeg Ganache (the lip-sync guru of RuPaul’s Drag Race). Ganache eliminated Anita Wig’lit – the only Drag Race Down Under representative for the season.

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