Janelle Monáe has fans gagged with Glass Onion performance: ‘She swallowed the role up’

Janelle Monáe gives stand-out performance in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. (Netflix)

Janelle Monáe has stolen viewers’ hearts with her stand-out performance in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, and her performance is being heralded “a vision” by fans.

In the murder mystery sequel, when we initially meet Monáe’s character Andi Brand, she’s reeling from the death of her sister – but as viewers soon discover, all is not as it seems.

Without giving too much away, Monáe ascends as the shining star among the film’s ensemble cast of characters, taking the viewers on a journey packed with all the twists and turns expected from a good whodunnit.

And now, with Glass Onion finally available to watch on Netflix, Monáe is now getting the flowers they deserve from the public for their epic acting chops.

Glass Onion was the role I’ve always wanted for Janelle Monáe,” one fan wrote. “They were really able to show their level of skill & talent. she deserves!!”

Another added: “God, Janelle Monáe is so freakin’ good in Glass Onion, there’s a point in the film when i was simply too stunned because she was just that awesome.”

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Some pointed out the perfect chemistry between Monáe and Daniel Craig who plays queer detective Benoit Blanc, in the series.

As one person said: “If they’re going to keep doing Benoit Blanc movies, it is absolutely essential that Janelle Monáe be the Watson to his Sherlock going forward.”

And it seems Janelle loves the vibes between Benoit and her character as well, uploading a fabulous photo of themselves and Craig to keep their fans asking for more.

Viewers were impressed by Monáe’s multi-talented abilities, whether it was killing her duplicitous role in Glass Onion or making music as excellent as her movies.

“Janelle Monáe just stays busy in her genius. Here’s a brilliant album, then gone. Here’s a nuanced, compelling acting performance, then gone. Also here’s just phenomenal, fascinating fashion, just cause, and gone. They truly have it figured out,” one person observed.

Monáe has committed her career to acting since releasing most recent album Dirty Computer in 2018, but people are now calling for her to get all the awards – while patiently waiting for their next album.

Monáe who has come out as pansexual and non-binary in recent years has been a beacon for the LGBTQ+ community and woven representation into all their work

From their performance in Oscar-winning film Moonlight to their work on their sci-fi android centric music – nods to the queer community can be found in much of their work.

“The android is a metaphor for the marginalised, for blackness, for queerness, for the other,

“In sci-fi, you can talk more about marginalised communities by taking them out of today’s context and putting them into the future,” they told The Telegraph.

And as Monáe’s career continues to thrive, we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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