Lil Nas X announces he has a son – but fans think they’ve cracked the code

A graphic of Lil Nas X posing with his hand up in a peace sign near his head side-by-side with a picture of a young child holding a canine stuffed animal

Lil Nas X has once again set the internet buzzing by claiming he has a ‘son’.

In a new set of Instagram stories, Nas shared a photo of a young child posing with a plush, stuffed animal almost his size, and wrote in another post: “Yes, I have a son, and I’m no longer gonna hide him from this cruel world.”

The rapper followed up with another picture of the baby, with the date 27 September, 2021 and a blue heart emoji. 

Some media outlets and social media users immediately took the posts at face value, reporting that Lil Nas X had a secret son that he’d hidden from the world.

However, fans who have closely followed Lil Nas X and his trolling antics believe he was referring to the stuffed animal as his “son”, not the baby pictured with it.

Some joked the child came from Nas’ infamous pregnancy and birth of his Montero album, which occurred in September 2021 – a date similar to one highlighted in Nas’ Instagram stories posts. 

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Lil Nas X changed his profile pictures on both Instagram and Twitter to a snap of him cuddling the canine plushie – further hinting his ‘son’ is the toy. 

In September, Nas posted pictures on Twitter of him performing “dad duties” with the plushie, which he took to New York Fashion Week. He later revealed someone “grabbed [his] son” during his Vogue World performance, and the pair were eventually reunited after a nice couple returned Nas’ fluffy friend. 

Nas has posted further pictures of his adventures with the plushie  on social media, and fans began referring to it as his child as well. 

Lil Nas X holds a stuffed canine plush near his face while attending Vogue World
Lil Nas X attended Vogue World fashion show in September with his stuffed animal, which he’s called his “son”. (Getty for Vogue)

So, could Nas have a secret baby out there? Sure, it’s possible. It wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity hid the news they had children from the world, and Nas, like anyone else, has the right to have and raise a child if that’s his wish.

But it’s far more likely that this is Nas flexing his stellar trolling skills, and people weren’t paying attention to the lore he and his community built around the beloved stuffed animal. 

The artist staged an elaborate pregnancy rollout for Montero’s release, culminating in a wild video depicting him rushing to the hospital to give birth to the album. 

He hyped the release campaign with elaborate pregnancy photos celebrating the creation of the hit album and cheekily trolled Drake and his fans with pregnant male emojis

Nas also created a “baby registry” for the project where fans could donate to a host of HIV and AIDs, mental health, Black and queer organisations. In April, Nas helped raise $500,000 (£380,000) to be distributed among the 16 groups. 

Apart from his ‘pregnancy’, Lil Nas X delighted fans when he released a teaser for his song “Industry Baby” where he was ‘on trial’ in a spoof of a legal debacle over his Satan shoes. The music video parodied the court battle and saw the rapper sent to prison before staging a dance-filled escape

The rapper has also been candid about wanting a “big orgy” as well as members of the furry community at his concerts, wanting fans to not do poppers during performances and having to suddenly answer the call of nature mid-concert.

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