Hailey Bieber wore a ‘nepo baby’ t-shirt and the internet has some thoughts

Hailey Bieber wore a 'nepo baby' t-shirt and the internet has some thoughts.

Hailey Bieber has been snapped wearing a ‘nepo baby’ t-shirt and the internet is divided.

The model and influencer stepped out with the statement shirt at the weekend.

The plain white tee appears to be a reference to the New York Magazine’s viral cover from December 2022.

The publication ran a magazine cover spotlighting some of the best-known nepo babies, alongside the tagline: “She Has Her Mother’s Eyes. And Agent.”

The term ‘nepo baby’ is a reference to the children of celebrities, who are often the recipients of wealth, genes and plenty of A-list contacts to get them started on their own show-business career.

They highlighted the likes of Dakota Johnson, Maya Hawke, Maude Apatow on the cover and a host of celebs inside, including Bieber.

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The model was yet to acknowledge the article, until she stepped out to let her wardrobe do the talking – and the internet has some thoughts.

The paparazzi snaps were posted by popular Twitter page Pop Crave, which has since racked up more than 30,000 likes of plenty of comments.

The reaction was divided, with some appreciating the tongue-in-cheek response, while others think she’s mocking the debate.

One person replied: “This is like wearing a shirt that says white privilege like weird flex to project.”

Somebody echoed this saying: “Rich people making fun of us for pointing out some of them were born with privileges lol OK.”

Another said: “Am I supposed to know who this person is.”

Other replies were more favourable, with one calling her “mother” and another saying “absolute slay”.

While one fan noted that she can’t win, replying: “hailey bieber being called a nepo baby constantly and then the girlies getting mad when she owns and acknowledges it.”

Even Charli XCX joined in with the discourse, tweeting: “i respect the nepo baby tshirt attempt.”

Some fans thought she as being a little shady with the word “attempt”, as many replied with gifs and videos laughing about it.

One fan noted Charli’s own statement t-shirt from March 2022, which she wore after her album CRASH was released, reading: “They don’t build statues of critics.”

The fan responded to her tweet saying: “Some people just don’t have that IT factor, y’know?”, in reference to Bieber’s “attempt”.

And, of course, replicas of Bieber’s nepo baby t-shirt are already on the internet.

Fans, critics and artists have created their own versions of the 2023 pop culture moment on the likes of Etsy and Redbubble.

So whether you’re a nepo baby, obsessed with the discourse, or just like t-shirt you can rep your own.

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