M3GAN’s deliciously unhinged rendition of Titanium is sending the internet wild: ‘I kinda lost it’

A still from the movie M3GAN shows the titular robotic doll wearing a silvery-brown coat as she stares out of a window. (Universal Pictures)

If you thought upcoming horror M3GAN was already camp, think again: the killer robot doll is sending the internet into a tailspin over her iconic rendition of David Guetta’s “Titanium”.

M3GAN has everyone talking after a smash opening weekend at the North American Box Office and there’s one particular scene that has viewers buzzing.

Having already cemented herself in the LGBTQ+ pop culture canon with her viral acrobatic dance routine, the murderous android doll has now captured everyone’s attention with her lullaby version of “Titanium”.

Yes, you read that correctly. The 2011 pop hit managed to sneak its way into the comedy-horror which follows orphaned girl Cady (Violet McGraw) who is taken under the wing of a life-like artificial intelligence doll called M3GAN.

In the chaotic scene, M3GAN (Jenna Davis) begins singing a disturbingly eerie version of “Titanium” to Cady, sending viewers who watched the film during its opening weekend into hysterics.

“When M3GAN started singing Titanium I kinda lost it… it’s camp,” one person wrote.

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“How can you not be entertained by a demented robotic doll belting out “Titanium”? Sleeper hit incoming no question about it,” another added.

Many adoring M3GAN fans are already calling for the moment to get its critical acclaim. “If “Titanium” (M3gan’s version) doesn’t win the Oscar for best song this year I’m rioting,” one person joked.

“Titanium” (M3GAN’s version) is already up on Spotify for everyone’s listening pleasure, although some are hoping that the fan appreciation will lead to a full-length version being released before too long. And with a sequel to the horror hit reportedly underway, our viral superstar doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving our screens any time soon.

M3GAN will be released in UK cinemas on 13 January.

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