M3GAN poised to become box office sensation after landing hit Rotten Tomatoes score

A still from the movie M3GAN showing the robot doll wearing a white and blue-striped outfit standing in an elevator

Upcoming comedy-horror M3GAN is set to be a box office sensation after landing a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score and stellar reviews from the critics.

M3GAN has already been hailed a queer icon after the trailers for the upcoming “riotously campy” film showed the killer robot doll busting some epic acrobatic dance moves

The murderous doll is certainly living up to her hype, though, because rave reviews are now rolling in from the critics, earning the film a near-perfect 98% Rotten Tomatoes rating

From the creators behind films like Saw, Malignant, The Conjuring and American Horror Story, M3GAN follows the story of Cady (Violet McGraw), an orphaned nine-year-old who moves in with her aunt Gemma (Alison Williams). 

Gemma, who is a roboticist at a toy company, creates Model 3 Generative Android – aka M3GAN – a lifelike robot doll programmed to befriend Cady and protect her from all harm. 

No matter the cost. 

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Of course, things quickly spiral out of control as M3GAN soon displays a predilection for violence.

In light of the stellar reviews, the North American box office is predicting that the film will generate $17 to 20 million in its opening weekend, which would be a seriously impressive start considering it cost $12 million to produce.

Although M3GAN is walking in the footsteps of fabled killer dolls such as Chucky and Annabelle, the film looks set to put its own disturbing spin on the well-trodden trope with a cautionary tale about the dangers of technology.

“Director Gerard Johnstone knocked it out of the park with his second film. It’s not traditionally scary, but it is existentially scary,” Collider reviewed.

As for how the film balances the bone-chilling with the laugh-out-loud moments, IndieWire observed: “Its creators [Akela Cooper and James Wan] are so clearly on the same insane wavelength, nimbly blending camp and social satire and actual terror.”

Of the juxtaposition between M3GAN’s capacity for both meme-worthy and genuinely terrifying behaviour, The Guardian wrote: “It is funny when M3GAN sings “Titanium” to Cady as a lullaby but is then capable of switching to snarling rage.”

Alongside the mix of humour and horror, viewers can also expect a surprisingly nuanced insight into grief, and the increasing ways technology infiltrates human connection. 

“The film explores Cady’s grief and loneliness, Gemma’s subconscious resentment, and the strained relationship all of that begets,” Gizmodo reflected.

Perhaps Williams’ thoughts sum up what to expect, telling NME: “​​M3GAN’s like, ‘I actually will kill anyone who’s mean to you.’ She’s fierce, fully confident and bursts into song or dance occasionally – who doesn’t love that?”

M3GAN will be released in UK cinemas on 13 January. 

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