This Pandora firefly charm is selling out after going viral on TikTok

This firefly charm from Pandora has been selling out after going viral on TikTok.

A glow in the dark firefly charm from Pandora is going viral on TikTok.

Fans of the cute, rechargeable charm have been snapping it up after its appearance on videos on the social media platform.

After selling out a number of times the ‘Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly Dangle Charm’ is available from

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One TikTok user, @dimaa.177 posted a clip featuring the charm that’s racked up more than 771,000 likes, while the #fireflycharm has 7.7 million views.

@dimaa.177 Thank you TikTok for helping me discover this charm 😭❤️ #princessandthefrog #fireflycharm #pandora #fyp ♬ Trumpet Echo – Ashtonic_

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The replies included, “I want one so bad” and “I NEED IT!”, while others said they’ve already bought theirs after seeing it on TikTok.

A number of users have used the hashtag The Princess and The Frog on their posts, with many of them linking the charm to the Disney film.

The product features the quote: “You light up my life”, which many have connected to the characters of the film, Ray and Evangeline and the film also features the character Ray, a firefly.

The brand has seen an incredible 124,450 percent increase in searches for ‘Firefly Charm’ on their website, as well as a 102,300 percent hike in searches for ‘Glow in the dark firefly’.

“In the last week or so we have noticed our Glow-in-the-dark Firefly Dangle Charm to be at the centre of a growing TikTok trend,” Pandora said.

Pandora have re-stocked the charm a number of times due its popularity on TikTok.

They’ve “seen a significant increase in customers searching for this charm” which has led to multiple re-stocks as it’s sold out a number of times.

The Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly Dangle Charm from Pandora is currently priced at £45.

It is hand-finished in sterling silver, with rounded glow-in-the-dark glass that appears white in the daylight, and milky green at night. The glass then recharges when exposed to sunlight or UV light.

You can shop the charm at

BTS fans snap up this Pandora charm

Last year BTS fans all began buying the same purple heart charm from Pandora to show their support for the group who are currently on hiatus.

It was confirmed in October by their record label that BTS members are planning to undertake mandatory military service in South Korea.

Ahead of their possible return to the stage in 2025, fans of the band are now using the purple heart Pandora charm as unofficial symbol for the group.

@garciafamchannel #bts #btsarmy #pandora #fyp #btsjin #jintheastronaut #worldwidehandsome #jin ♬ The Astronaut – Jin

One TikTok user says their “planning to add a charm every time a member enlists”, including an astronaut charm to represent Jin and his single of the same name.

Another captioned their video: “it’s a reminder that the boys are with me on every journey.”

Despite some fans reporting it had sold out in a number of regions, the Metallic Purple Heart Charm is priced at £35, and you can buy it from

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