Drag Race royalty Adore Delano is up for another All Stars run – on one condition…

Screenshot of drag queen Adore Delano wearing a black bra top and grey overcoat with pink wig while she holds a microphone

Adore Delano – who was placed as runner-up in season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race before sensationally bowing out of All Stars 2 – might be ready to strut into that Werk Room one more time.

Appearing on Sissy That Talk Show, a series in which host Joseph Shepherd interviews various Drag Race alumni about their time on the show and beyond, Adore Delano revealed whether or not she’d return for another series of All Stars – and if there was any truth to the rumours that she was cast on All Stars 6.

“We were in like ‘last minute’ negotations and I said yes last minute and they couldn’t clear my talent show in time,” the queen said of All Stars 6 in a clip posted to TikTok, the most recent season of the spin-off, save for All Stars 7.

“I was gonna spit fire! And I was gonna break. I had sugar bottles made, and I was going to put water in it and start breaking it over my head. It was gonna be epic.”


Adore Delano joins me on Sissy That Talk Show and opens up about what All Stars 6 could have been. Link on profile to film episode.

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While that does indeed sound epic, it seems the production crew of RuPaul’s Drag Race and All Stars did not quite share Adore Delano’s enthusiasm for pyrotechnics.

“They said I couldn’t spit fire but I could still [break the bottles], but I was like, ‘No. I’m gonna spit fire off the back of the guitar and break bottles over my head.’ But I couldn’t do it, so it’s gone now,” Adore added.

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Shepherd then asked Adore whether she would ever go back to All Stars, to which Adore replied, accompanied by a signature smirk straight down the lens of the camera: “Probably.” And every Adore fan cried a sigh of sweet relief.

Adore’s only condition?

“But they have to let me do what I want to do!”

You heard it here first, Drag Race production crew – flameproof your entire set, now.

Various fans have echoed that sentiment underneath TikTok.

One wrote: “Omg what FOOLS they were for not letting her do this act!!! It’s sounds incredible!!!”

“Adore Delano is one of the most loved girls of drag race… She’s just mother really ugh I love her,” another added.

A third, very shady lady, added: “now we know why serena was [cast] lmao.”

Adore Delano is currently on the Party Your World tour across North America. Read her exclusive interview with PinkNews here.