Warrior Nun fans go wild for ‘infamous’ deleted bedroom scene of Ava and Beatrice

Beatrice (L) and Ava (R) in Warrior Nun as Simon Barry releases deleted scene. (Netflix)

Warrior Nun fans are ecstatic after creator Simon Barry shared a proposed scene that was never shot featuring sapphic icons Ava and Beatrice in bed.

The Netflix series was cancelled in December after two seasons, sparking anger from fans who have been campaigning to save the show ever since.

Alongside the regularly trending Twitter hashtag #SaveWarriorNun, efforts to revive the show have included a petition with 115,00 signatures and a billboard campaign across the US.

The show follows a secret group of demon-hunting nuns, with Alba Baptista playing Ava Silva, an orphan who wakes up with superpowers that make her the Halo Bearer.

Throughout the two seasons she develops a special bond with fellow warrior nun, Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) and the two start to fall in love, capturing the hearts of LGBTQ+ viewers along the way.

Now, to thank fans for their efforts to have the show renewed, and celebrate the viral social media hashtag hitting 10 million tweets, Barry has shared details of a bedroom scene that never made its way on to our screens.

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“OK folks, here’s the infamous scene 18…comes before the running-over-water scene,” Barry captioned his tweet, alongside images of the script.

The scene, which was meant to be featured in the first episode of season two, shows Ava and Beatrice in bed in their apartment.

Beatrice is watching her love interest sleep and anticipating the alarm going off.

Naturally, fans on social media are lapping up the new content, with many pointing out the strong gay yearning between the pair.

“Gosh, that episode was so gay already and it could have been gayer???” one person noted.

“This is everything. This is EVERYTHING,” another added.

And there’s been no shortage of fans imagining how the scene could have come to life.

“I just know Kristina would’ve added that perfect ‘gay yearning’ look,” one person wrote.

“Imagine all the Alba improvisation moments that we could have had in this scene, from the grumpy wake-up acting to the adoration on her face when she sees Bea making them breakfast,” another speculated.

“Who else is playing this out in their head as they read it? The pauses, the room, lighting, camera angles, outfits, accents, mannerisms… literally everything,” a third added.

Netflix have not commented on the campaign to save the series, and so far it’s looking unlikely that it will be a success.

The streaming service recently sparked backlash from fans, after claiming “no successful show” has ever been cancelled.

Fans are desperate to see if Ava and Beatrice would be reunited after a major cliffhanger at the end of season two which saw them finally kiss before being torn apart in different realms.

Warrior Nun is available to stream on Netflix now.