Jennifer Coolidge is ‘the mother of camp’ in iconic W Magazine photoshoot: ‘Everyone take notes’

Jennifer Coolidge has taken part in a photoshoot as a tribute to Japanese cinema – and given the gays everything they wanted.

The shoot was inspired by tokusatsu, a genre which, according to W Magazine, gave birth to “such legendary creatures as Godzilla, Mothra and Giant Robo”.

Now, The White Lotus actor and recent SAG-Award-winner Coolidge has been added to that roster, appearing as a sort of anti-Rita Repulsa Power Rangers hero, the defender of a city against a giant lobster, and as her own version of Godzilla, “wowing” and “oh-my-God-ing” her way through the wreckage of a metropolis.

Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (the directors of Everything Everywhere All At Once, and known as “Daniels”), the shoot has been named: Jennifer Coolidge Will Destroy You and features “Coolidge vs Haute Squad 5: Attack on Neo Runway City – Jennifer Reborn.”

Fans on Twitter have – to put it mildly – lost their collective mind.

“She HAS the range darling,” one wrote of the shoot.

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Another added: “She’s the mother of camp.”

Many have compared the aesthetics of the shoot to Lady Gaga’s fictional planet (and name of her fifth solo studio album) Chromatica, which features in the music video for “Stupid Love“.

One fan even tweeted: “The way Ms Jennifer Coolidge is in Chromatica, omgggg.”

The shoot has further cemented Shotgun Wedding star Coolidge as the face of the most significant cultural event since the industrial revolution: the Jenaissance.

Coolidge has recently won gongs at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards, as well as at the SAG Awards, for her role as Tanya McQuoid in the murderous, nudity-filled The White Lotus.

“I would watch this show, I’d buy tickets to the movie, and I’d play the video games. I’d probably cosplay the characters too. I need this” another fan said of the stunningly bonkers Jennifer Coolidge photoshoot.

One even descried it as: “The definition of camp. I need everyone to take notes.”

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