Drag Race fans are sharing their most unpopular opinions and they’ll leave you truly gagged

RuPaul looks shocked on RuPaul's Drag Race

There’s nowhere like Twitter to share an unpopular opinion – and Drag Race fans are leaving their hot takes, with some leaving us stunned – to put it mildly.

Even though RuPaul’s Drag Race is midway through its 15th season, having aired more than 400 episodes internationally, not every fan is pleased with the show’s many quirks and outcomes.

The show has crowned 44 winners, but, along the way, queens have clawed their way to the top, eliminated each other without a second glance and fallen victim to the psychological torture of production.

Posted by Twitter user @colbygaga with the caption: “What’s a drag race opinion that’s gonna leave you like this?” and a picture of Tangled‘s Flynn Rider surrounded by swords. The tweet has received more than 1.3million “impressions”.

Seemingly every teenager with a Twitter account has taken the opportunity to share their thoughts on alternative winners, undeserved eliminations and proposed changes to the show’s format.

Beware, some of these opinions are unpopular for a reason.

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A common theme is the defence of some of the show’s more “left-field” moments, including the entire UK vs The World season, which apparently is “one of the best of the whole franchise”.

We can still hear Pangina Heals sobbing, but go off king.

A second season is rumoured to be in the works

Another user defended Yvie Oddly’s season-11 victory over front-runner Brooke Lynn Hytes, writing that she “deserved way more wins”. We’re not sure why that’s an unpopular opinion but werk.

One of the most common critiques focuses on the show’s “lip sync for the crown” finale format. Fans have commented in their droves, saying that the deciding factor of a season’s outcome should not be a lip sync, if the winner of the lip sync doesn’t actually win the crown.

Please see Monét X Change for further details.

Fans have also criticised it as an opportunity to take victory away from an otherwise “deserving” winner.

Please contact Shea Coulée for more information.

The unpopular opinions also cover a wide range of takes spanning various All Stars seasons – Roxxxy’s continued saving on AS2, the jury twist on AS3, AS4‘s double crowning, AS7’s all-winners format are all on the chopping block.

Some other tweets, however, are scorching, ranging from opinions on common judging critiques, the impact that the Drag Race mega machine has had on the perspective of local drag and even that, most of the time, “the villain is right“.

Somewhere, Daya Betty and Kandy Muse are reading that tweet and weeping tears of joy.

There is also defence for the more under-appreciated seasons, such as Drag Race UK 3, as well as the notion that the show’s flagship American show needs to take a break before coming back “stronger than ever“.

There are more tweets under the original one but many of them are hateful, so you can look for them yourself.