Posie Parker plans to bring her anti-trans tour to Dublin – Ireland isn’t having any of it

Anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, wears a red outfit as she speaks at an event which was met with counter-protesters

After Posie Parker announced plans to bring her anti-trans tour to Dublin, Ireland’s LGBTQ+ community has told here where to go.

After travelling to Australia and New Zealand – where her rallies attracted neo-Nazis and huge counter-protests – Parker, real name, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, this week announced plans to stage a rally in Ireland’s capital city.

Within hours, Posie Parker had announced that her Dublin demonstration wouldn’t be going ahead after all, due to US president Joe Biden’s planned visit and a lack of police resources.

A planned Trans and Intersex Pride counter-protest will still take place as a “broad anti-TERF protest”, while Parker has insisted she will visit Dublin at a later date. 

The notorious anti-trans activist also plans to visit Belfast, she said on social media.

A spokesperson for Dublin’s Trans and Intersex Pride told PinkNews that they felt the need to take a stand against what they described as Parker’s “TERF ideology”.

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“It’s clear that Posie is not just a feminist or anything close to a feminist, but someone who is truly on the far-right pipeline and pushing people towards the far-right pipeline,” Trans and Intersex Pride said.

Posie Parker in Glasgow
Posie Parker in Glasgow. (Getty)

They noted that Parker’s rallies had previously attracted neo-Nazis, she had received support from conservative parties and she had been funded in part by evangelical Christians.

“We need to oppose TERF-ism and show solidarity with the trans community,” they added.

Ireland rejects Posie Parker’s ‘anti-trans agenda’

Parker announced her planned dates following a chaotic tour of Australia and New Zealand which saw met with counter-protesters at every turn.

A Melbourne rally was attended by neo-Nazis who threw up Nazi salutes. Keen-Minshull has said “Nazis are abhorrent”, and that the “men dressed in black who gave Nazi salutes” were not a part of the rally.

Parker cancelled a planned rally in Wellington after she was heckled and her doused with tomato juice in Auckland.

Dublin’s Trans and Intersex Pride continued: “Ireland had over 5,000 people marching in trans and Intersex Pride 2022, Ireland is not going to be used to further an anti-trans agenda, it will be fought all the way.

“We are going to, like New Zealand and Australia, counter Posie. We have an active LGBTQ+ community and won’t be used as a pawn for bigotry.”

Parker has repeatedly found herself at the centre of controversy over her anti-trans views.

In a video posted to Twitter in February, she threatened all women who oppose her views, saying: “Each and everyone one of you women who stand in my way … will be annihilated.”

In the same video, she compared trans women to sexual predators and serial killers.

PinkNews has contacted Posie Parker for comment.

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